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what to do now?

something just burst out in between while everyone is enjoying their saturday nite
it was meant to be a happy one for me and all of them
but suddenly...i get speechless and walking no where, no directions
after i told ya, u just keep quiet
silence all the time and like started to ignore me
i was left all alone here
i wonder alot, crazy, mad...untill i dont know what feeling im having now.
u dont care at all how i feel
i understand u were in stress and tension days now, but arent we already promise each other that we will be honest and face all the thing together?
how come i were alone here now?
i worry u...alot! that i cant even imagine and i dont dare to think at all!
i just need an answer...isit that hard?
i just need a word like u use to tell to calm me down...isit imposible?




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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