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AUG 12, 2009

We got no choice sinve we had reach pavilion and was planning to watch movie but besides this all were full. Of course others movie are all hindi and malay movie which i feel crap. We choosen this, i hope it was good but at the end. Waste munee aja! Haha~but the thing that amaze me is inside this muvee show alots of same face artist like jay chou and others famous artist as well. Well, what can i say? I only laugh and amaze by this part. Oh ya~and the flower that the guy draw on a paper and plant it inside the!

After movee me and Sean headed for dinner...we crave for beef for no reason and happen in a sudden. Walking in the food court floor from the bottom to top, top to bottom...and we dicided to try this. PEPPER LUNCH-what they offering is cook it ur own! lol~i love to play masak masak alot! That's why i love steamboat and korean bbq alot!

So here's the experience start, we selected our dishes and pay at the counter then they hand us one number tag and we find a seat and wait them to hand us our food.
Sean choose LOIN FILLET STEAK because it was more thick so that he can eat with the bloody juicy beef which is still raw in the middle...sounds yum huh? Here came our bill...many might think thats expensive for a fast food shop like this, but i guess u should think in other way cause what they serve here is not just a fast food standard beef.

We also add egg too! cause im an egg addictor!

The meal incl one rice too but we change it to salad cause actually we are not hungry but feel lik chewing something's the balance diet for daily suplement! Vege for vitamins, egg for protein, beef for energy and carbs....

Wondering what's that brownish cream look tingie? I was looking at it too when they serve to me but Sean told me that it was GARLIC BUTTER. It is use to fried that beef...oh~ smell good!

This is really nice...that makes us clean up whatever its in the hot plate.
must try peeps!




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