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OUG trip

july 30th....
hoho~took me a long time to update this post
life been so miserable, moody and busy
Just seems that working non stop. When work is done, i start my UNI. Now again! My assignment never gonna stop for the entire life!
forget which day after work, Mr. Calvin took me hang over a pub name MONSTERS!
As what he told me, this pub were run by a guy and his also a F1 racer. So expected that this whole pub decor was all in F1 style...
AYI, its located at kuchai lama there...


now u can see clearly, the decor for the seat were in sports car seat as well
the front decor
So far, for me this is a nice pub too hang over since its not full with crowd and pack...yet its peaceful! No random cha-pa-lang humans over there. For gals, who just wana drink and hear live band without interupt by guys...recomended!

Before that, we went to the OUG nite market to search for foodie
Ah-hah! little piggie bun! Honestly, its not nice and expensive tho
It only nice to see, and use to tam ur GF only

green in pandan flav, pink in red bean, orange in lin yong

2 kind of design available for aunties or kids that dont like food




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