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First Day In TAYLOR

AUG 18, 2009

After my final test for A-Level, I've been sitting at home and working for 2months. Finally, my Uni life start. I thought i will be happy but untill the day it really came, i feel that my heart hasn't prepare yet. I'm still in holiday mood! Shyt, pack up quick!
Before today i was still thinking what im gonna wear for tomorrow...then my sis pick out her dress for me...TA-daa~shock to hear and see that? Yea, it was a gift for my sis but its too big for her, so she said she lend me her dress. HAHAH~my lovely sis =)

As what i thought there were many foreigners here but then im dint thought that i will saw student from Bangladesh, Philippine, still a frog under the shell.

For my first day in class, it was actually 2nd week for other student. YEAH! I joined the class late, very very late! I've missed so many class for that two week and i really gotta work hard to catch up.
When i step in the class i was kinda shock when lecturer said today is presentation day, i was like "WHAT? IDK~" "i lost my marks at my firs day....T.T' "
Luckily, i think too much. I'm new student weih~

1st CSCI class presentation was about....errr~i forgot! Opps~
Most of the student did their power point damn good eh. Topic they were talking doesn't makes me bored tho.

This is the group which i really like+like+like
That guy who wears grey tee is fluent is Eng, that's ok and normal. His presentation is EXCELLENT! The way he talk is so natural but interesting!

Class until 4pm today and guess what? My lunch break is so damn long. For the first day i got no idea where and who i should spend my time with. I dint even make some new friends there yet, im shy~~~LOL
Luckily Calvin is studying there, if not...pity me for 4 hours.

Is time to go home? NO! After class gotta rush to LUCKY 9 rehearsal for the model sick of rushie day!




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