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need comment again for the header

heee~im changing picture for the header again ^^
whatcha think peeps?
the previous nicer or??? THIS? whee~
im kinda confuse bout the word on the pic...
remove or remain?
love this pic alot~
thx to my baby photographer lotsa lotsa~
its nice to work with u tho
muax muax...hope to work with u in future again~
hey guys...dont forget to drop down ur comm


hEnRy said...

great header u have
really suits to put in ur blog
even not header but still can do it as some poster thingy

anyway, great shot ^^

Janice Phua said...

I think without the blog title and description will be better, cleaner and more straight to the point, cuz one picture says thousand words, isn't it? =) the picture = you = tiffany tan = everything.

one more humble suggestion, i think the font color for your blog content can be standardize cuz will be more comfortable to eyes. even don't want standardize, try to avoid using deep color font cuz it will strongly contradict with your black color background oh~ dark background with lighter font color but not highlight; or light background with dark color font. just my humble opinion, hope you don't mind oh~ ^^

keiz_jy said...

Changing the font color or move the wording to left would be better^^

tiffany tan said...

i dont know how to move to right leh...cause only 2 option available, either u show it or hide the wrd

font colour in blog means...teh post wrd colour? what colour u suggest? tell me more~~~



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