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KAKI THAI @ Taman BiLLion

mr. calvin fetch me on the second last day of PC FAIR...
"what an exhausted look" he said
"sure la, no eat at all leh" i said
So there he go bringing me for food! YUM! Immediately i get awake!
Since its kinda late for dinner, i guess most of the mall have closed so we went to cheras area...and found this! KAKI THAI
supper not suppose to be full right? Im only a bit mouth itchy itchy...
so we ordered some starters to fill me up!
mushroom cheese escargots and smoked salmon salad

Salmon was cut into a just nice portion and not too thick yet to thin. That smoked salmon just match with the baked bread um-hmnn! Without any heavy dressing of thousand island but just some french dressing. THUMBS UP!

Before order this i was actually demanding them to get me garlic cheese flavour but they dont, but i still ordered it...surprisingly end up with a similar taste and escargot were not stinkie at all^^
I almost lick the whole serving plate because of the gravy




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