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AUG 13, 2009
This week i was addict to dim sum for no reason...maybe because i feel that its more healthy? lol
Due to the sucks experience at TAI THONG, Calvin bring me to YEW LIK before he left to BANGKOK at noon. At first i thought he's gonna bring me to MEI XIM but he say thats something better than MEI XIM. AYI, its really better than MX and its located next few rows corner lot to the market. Its a char chan teng which also sell pork noodle, bak kut teh and etc. Pork noodle there are famous too!
Tiff's must have for dim sum! CHEONG FAN with PRAWN, it will be better if they had scallop but they dont. Anyway, the prawn are fresh and big enough to shut my mouth to criticize them. Besides, the texture of the cheong fan skin is nice tho, not too soft or powdery.

TAU FOO POK tingie is what i seldom try and found at usual dim sum restaurant, but definitely is a YUM for me!
HAR KAO is MUST MUST MUST in my dim sum table! So i will very "concern" how it looks and taste u see in the pic, prawn are really big hidding inside the crystal skin. Why i love har kao? Hmnnn, i guess its because of its crystal skin and the orangie prawn that half appear.
XIU MAI is not my type. comm. Why i dont like? haha~is not like i dont eat it, i eat but not mad about it when im taking dim sum. My table can shooH it away, might cause by it looks gua~

ADD ON: tao fu pok were adding some thai cili sos on it, so THUMBS UP

JIANG JIANG JIANG JIANG~~this is what i must comment kaw kaw
Based on the pic if u are not blind, its obviously a XIU LONG PAO, and its very common now adays and almost everyone ate it before at DRAGON-I. What im gonna say is...the standard is same with DRAGON-I! WHAT?! SEE IT AGAIN MY SENTENCE!
NO JOKE PEEPS! Besides the design of it was open air on top nothing is different. The soup in it was same~not 100% also got 97%. Imagine that u can eat this kinda standard in dai pai tong?
And here's some experience of mine when i visit to DA REN RESTAURANT, if not mistaken the english name is EQUATORIAL? lazy to think now but the name is with red and green colour geh
So i order XIU LONG BAO too~ suprisingly is...when i took a bite carefully because im afraid the soup might drip or hot, nothing came out!
Why? i wanna know too~
So i asked the waitress...why there is no soup inside. U know what she answer? GUESS GUESS GUESS~this is different type of xiu long pao from other country so got no soup. WHAT A LAME ANSWER!!! F her! Not all XIU LONG PAO that name XIU LONG PAO is the same meh?! CAN ANYONE ANSWER ME THIS?




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