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another happening day for me...but damn i got to wake up late and stand for whole day again!
cant imagine whats next besides that...calvin said its gonna be so damn busy cause this fair is well known pack with crowd as many auntie came to claim their bargains
saw the big mascot, kinda pity...most of the ppl were hitting it
was his pay good? wuahahah~if yes. i'll do it!
smell delicious! since the opposite both were selling electric stuff, so they baked puff and cookies oftenly. collecting this passes in my litt basket

my long lost fren angie darling! Last met were actually we both are contestant for GENKI AMBASSADOR SEARCH. Miss her cute and natural personality

today were late for work...oppsie! In this pic also can see the make up were so imperfect. Rush work is like that de la....
while having my short break ^^

mr. Kent came over at the noon time after his gym session and we decided to eat the JAP FAST FOOD but i've forgotten its name.
So here's our don and mien with beef and chicken.

beef don which that mr. mistaken his order so i'll just have to eat that cause he dont take beef at all.

chicken mien

overall the food there not bad especially the BEEF! but then there is too much seasoning in it. After eating damn thirsty.

Gui Lin Gao as dessert of the day
when i got back...guess what? Mr. ong treat all of us an BR ice cream! SOOOOO happy!
No matter what, this will always work to bright up my day. Sweets me up!
as usual have to wake at 8am and make up and eat my breakfast...AYI, i dont bath at the morning...haha. If i do, i might be using 1 hour for morning bath session cause once i get in i dont feel like going out the bathroom. I feel warm in there ^^

again my day with ice cream. This time is my fav VERY BERRY
oh~working here is owesome but fattening
dinner went to "ZHUN CHU" for soup session. Thought it will be nice but feeling dissapointed.
I will rather go to tepi jalan shop to drink this...cheaper and nicer. This soup were seasoning and taste weird. Maybe im not into this...i guess

after dinner, went to toilet...what to do when there is also a gals there who like camwhore?
Sure camwhore la...

mr kiipin and me
the leng zai boss

joseph and me

end of the day, we did have some expectation for the sales...but it is not bad. Might be the target set too high...LOL
the small size gal was actually a big eater!


freebie from kiipin

baloons...was bringin back to cheer my sis up

in love with this blinkie ~btw, it cost me only rm3 and nice rite?


CLF said...

the Japanese restaurant is Yoshinoya. their Oyakon don 親子丼 is nice (not sure M'sia's branch had this dish or not).



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