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nothing i can do

my limit was 3...all along its the same
now this time, it has excess my limit and reached
thats all for now
its tired...

i've been trying so hard...and now i know there is nothing i can do but letting u move me like a doll
u decide all of me, u make all the decision for me
u thought it was the best for me, but fark u! IT IS NOT!
that's all...i can remember clearly u say u wont do that again...but now...u repeated again and again
i would love to be china doll, japan doll, pretty doll, but aint stupid doll

tell much u can understand a feel of being moving here and there?
i thought i did my best to support u by telling what i think in my heart
but hell still a loser at last.

U? nothing but end in failure cause u never had a hope to fight with me


keiz_jy said...


也苦了他人> <


hEnRy said...

quite sad seeing u being treated like that...



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