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Busy Day in Taylor's

AUG 26, 2009

I'm having break like everyone had at that time but im still rushing my stupid assignment and essay as well. Have to read and read all the article miss Mary gave, or else she will penalise my mark if i can't answer her questions by using the reason not participate in the class. F her! Some even told me that most of the students like 75% hate her. That bitch! Ppl strict for a reason, for reason! Im not blaming her for giving me homework and stuff but the way she act is really annoying!

Finally im done ^^ now waiting time to pass~

Can the time fly~faster!

Treat from mr. kok fai
tunie sandwich yum~

After the break, experiment time
It was my first experiment and today we are gonna do experiment about colour...hmnn?
So just colour the paper and put some chemical...and wait

Now we see a litt changes...the colour is separating

the handsome~whee wheet!

Everyone is working hard and carefully~

The place that might BOOM u!

Second experiment~putting chemical with colour
I dint really dare to touch those stuff and i dint even wanna know whats that. Im scared that it might hurting me. LOLx....thankx to my group partner, Ian~

The first experiment is done~

Both experiment result

Whee whit~tiff's pro look in lab coat. haha~

Lab goggles is a must, or else the eye might pain after the campuring process of chemical




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