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The Boy Friend which is not Boyfriend.

Every girl are surrounded by a guy which looks like her boyfriend but he's not
They may in love with each other, they might like each other
However, they dint get a chance to get together for some reason.

It may be, because of the code of brotherhood, he can't go any further
It may be, he cares about his family opinion, they can't get together
It may be, he had to further his education is somewhere else, he did not ask you to wait for him
It may be, they met when both were too young, still don't know how to cherish each other
It may be, they bump in each other life too late, there is a him/her already beside
It may be, you went back too late, he/she is no longer waiting for you
It may be, they were trying to know what she/he is thinking until didn't took the first step

Even you and him dint get in relationship, you all were still friend.
But deep inside your heart both of you clearly know that, you treat him/her is a little bit more compare to a friend.

Even though you all cant holding hands walking around,
they were still friends that chit-chatting until late night.

He say that he likes a girl, you say you will help him to get the girl heart,
inside your heart, you know that this isn't what you want.

When he's in trouble, you will try all your best to help him,
will not care about the tiny tipsy thing.

Girlfriend or boyfriend are jealous, you will comfort them by telling them you guys were just friend,
but the heart is still shaking with the answer

Every people in this life, deep inside the heart will also have a special friend like this, confusing one.

At the beginning, you felt struggle for being just a friend, but when time past, you found that this is the best way to be.

You will prefer to care about him in this way, its better than if get in relationship and broke up one day.

You prefer to be his friend, never jealous on each other, then only can talk without a limit

With this, you will still know, he will always care about you.


♥ JJ™ ♥ Flying Without Wings ♥ said...

nice post =D

hEnRy said...

Follow what you think...

Jack Ng said...

i like ur post ......
im sure alot of ppl encounter this kind of relationship n situation ....
i guess love a person doesnt mean must be with the person u love .
the person who be with u doesnt mean he/she is the one u love .......
i guess the true love is a love without asking for return , an unconditional love to care n protect .

tiffany tan said...

jack ng: yea!! Big HI5 to u...u were in this kinda status now too?

tiffany tan said...

Henry: Hmnn~worse is i dont even know what im thinking

tiffany tan said...

JJ: thankx...but mind telling me why u like it?

SHERRY FAM 22 said...

oh my gosh!!! this is so true.

Jack Ng said...

well , not really already , but i would let her choose the way she felt will b happier , as most ppl ( especially lady ) would rather keep the person she think is important to her by side as good fren / zimui / heng dai than take the chance to be bf-gf and end up break and lose him/her :P

tiffany tan said...

Jack: Hmnnn~in my situation is...time drag too long and met too late. thats why...i rather to stay in this way

tiffany tan said...

Sherry: oh lala~seems that u got a "BF" too. XD

Jack Ng said...

icic ... well , mayb its better this way ;)

☆ wєn ☆ said...

yea..! totally agree with this !! =)



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