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There is a RISK behind the FAME

Here's another hard decision i had to make ASAP again. My head gonna burst!

Seriously i never like to think, especially 2 choose 1 those. Even when dining, i never made decision. I will give few choice to the partner which i would love to eat, the rest they will decide for me. Because i never want to feel the feeling of regret. If the food wasn't that nice, it was not me who order so i won't feel anything.

Get a job today...a TV SHOW. What they told it was a TV show at ASTRO name SUPER CHALLENGE hosting by KK. But the thing is their going to cut my hair and dye it.

Well, seems nothing big right?

They are going to cut it to JAW or EAR level!!! Damn!!! This freaks me out!!!

The pay was not bad, in average. This job may also help in my current carrier. At least my profile will be nicer =)

It may help me gain exposure and more job at future but at the same time i might loose loads of job because of it. Client nowadays don't really select short hair girls. Darn! (as what I've seen) I'm thinking will it help me to turn on at least 189 degree from what i am now? Can i don't work on event anymore but concentrate on magazine shoots or others? Event are happening but also tiring. I'm not blaming...but people are always demanding for a better chance right?

Am i suppose to risk myself? To bet for it? I just told myself "I will only bet with a SURE WIN" yesterday, now what? Why things always come in 2 parts which is extremely big gap? I couldn't understand, maybe i will use "life" to explain all of these.

Hair is a thing cant will only grow 0.003cm per day!!! It took me 2 years to keep it till my breast level but it took 2 sec to cut it off. Pathetic...


Janice Phua said...

if you ask me, I'll say go for it. yea cut your hair short is a very very tough decision especially for us these CH girls. but this is a golden chance where not everyone could get it. yea you might lost a lot of chance in doing event/roadshow but "no pain no gain" right? come to think of it, roadshow/event many girls can do it as long as you are pretty and you can communicate well but tv show? it's not about you have pretty face then can do it already. media industry request more than that. I believe they chose you for a reason and you deserve it. maybe you can give it a dare try in this Astro tv show for some time and then when you reach a level, you can still go back to the event/roadshow if you like. you are still young so always take alternative choice instead of a safe option. this is my humble opinion, hope it can help you. :)



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