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I-City Antique Car Event

For people who saw my picture on SIN CHEW that day, here's the post that you guys request for. =)
It took me ages to update this. Too many pictures and causing lag lag lag...

This the picture that appear on SIN CHEW that day. This is the Rolls Royce car owner Mr. Yong. Previous owner were one of the royal family member. Born in 1929. This model is one and only at M'sia. BTW, he own 10 antique car. Wow~
Woke up at 6am this morning, I'm so sleepy but make up took me loads of time especially when there is event to work for. Honestly, for the very first time i had no idea what event I'm working for. I asked the agent but she never told me, she said it was some Datuk birthday party just gotta pose and get paid. Sounds interesting right? But its stupid i know.

The sun just awake...

First event with my fringe...sobs~i look like a kid. The sky are still dark here.

Finally we reach there at 8am, we are actually working for Antique Car Show held by I City Sdn. Bhd. and Royal Antique and Classic Car Club.

Jane. Me. Angel

Jane with the most expensive car at the event. It belong to one of the Tan Sri there, forgotten who. This Merz took 1billion bought in and 1billion to rebuild by sending back to Greece. It took 3 years to fix it. DAMN!

Mini Bus is in one of the list of antique car too =)

With the cars

With Jane inside the car. Old style limousine.

Two spare tyres...LOL

The longest car in it. Took 2 kancil parking lot.

Sometime i just couldn't understand those people, they pay billions for manual, non air conditioner some more button control.

Cutest car of the day!

After the tiring posing and tanning under sun light, we sneak in to ice house for some cooling session. Look what I've found? Shortest and thinnest Santa ever!

Without leaf geh Xmas tree. Whee~another collection add in.

Swan lake...

Mr. Snowman

We are so in love...with here.

It was fake but still, we are so excited with it.

Everything is so pretty there.

Big fat Santa with me

Santa is dancing...

Long leg snowman

Jane...forgot to mention. She's the winner for Bosco Real assistant. Pretty huh~

Girls that working together

Channel Won and me

Only sports car in the event. Lowest of all...

Siam me or else I'm gonna knock you.

I wonder who's that ayam...

Surprisingly it's made by woods.

Sally and me

It was actually to promote local culture so 3 of the girls had to dress up in traditional costume.

Prester and me...she's only 16. Don't stunt...

Angel is here again.

3 culture girl

All the cars...

All the cars and owner in
group picture

Jane with Channel

Took this picture accidently while she was taking picture from another angle.

Artificial natural snowing. LOL

While lying lazily...

Picture of the day! by Prester

Snow sticking on me

Sally getting mad!


Both of them are cousin sister

I told ya, girls like snowing...

Photographer all over the place hunting for girl who willing to shoot for free. LOL.

And now...we are getting mad and playful.

Snow ball

Love Angel dress loads! From Nichi. Gonna hunt for it soon once im free.

I took this out from the decor. Just to fullfill my selfishness.
Wishing to get a pendant of this in Xmas. It will reminds me bout Xmas all the time. Warmth and sweet.

Baby i met that day, she like Jane more than me. I make her cry. ="(
Jane is so mother!

Its 2pm, finally can get rid of the sun tanning and move my ass to MV meeting Bubu there. I love when there is a job you can work and get paid and play!!! Whee~that's why i love working in event. Happening, happy, get to meet new babes and unlimited fun!!!

Crowd lining in cinema is so so so damn long. End up we dint catch any movie just went home after buying food from Jusco which is ready to eat on time. Sushi and junks.

Blur Bubu went Mv without any wax on his hair. Love*

Cute dumb ass. I used to call him in this way, at first he don't really like it and complain a lot. But now, if one day i dint call him that, he will feel uncomfortable. LOL. Believe or not, its a fact that surprise me.

This is what you told me. "I love you as you love me." Remember...always~

While watching drama with lappie and eating nasi lemak with fried chicken, some fat ass is afraid to appear in the picture. Siam~


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wow ... nice snow place , nice car and most important , nice ladies !



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