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2 in <3

Finally we get to watch this at our 2nd monthsary. Amazing~i mean we went to cinema for 3-5 times but end up dint get to watch it.

Drooling this movie for so long but honestly i don't really feel its that great like Wah! Wah! Wah! Only the effect deserve a WAH! The others was just okay okay for me and Bubu. I guess we were influence by ads and peoples mouth. Majority people say that its damn nice, minority said it was average, me and him was...obviously.

Ass damn sour after the movie, regretting for buying not enough of junks to survive in the cinema. Should double up!

Dinner time~

We went to ZANMAI as what he planned earlier. Now LOW YAT had ZANMAI too.
It was first time for both of us in ZANMAI. We were a little bit disappointed because the varieties is not much there. We flipped over the menu many times and hardly could made a order. Nothing attract us or perhaps we were expecting too much than what it was.

Normally i will damn syok when i saw the dessert menu but this...i don't. Those dessert is what i can easily buy outside the Japanese junks shop. How sad, some more its located just beside ZANMAI.

Undeniable~ambiance there is great and clean.

Things is well organized just...won't this be too distractive?

Still haven't recover from the sadness we felt in that movie. Like everything gonna gone soon, we were planning to rob like 10billion to buy a ticket up to the arc. LOL. Just guys? Will you pay for that just to survive? As you are not rich ass but normal people.

Scallop sushi with cheese?


This is...don't know what with salmon

Soft Shell Crab

Chicken Don...Bubu said it taste bad. Not that impressive as what the look shows.
I put a lots of sweet sauce to goreng it.

Its our 2mth! With loads of love in the air. Whoohoo~

I never like rice a lot so end up he sapu all by himself

End up we got this as our dessert of the day by buying at the shop beside.
Vanilla waffle ice cream with choc in the middle. Yum~

One of collection again...Whee!

Miss Greedy here she go

I ate all the way...i don't care whatcha think. I want food that's all!

When i was eating this i heard something “我把我最好的都给你了”
You may thought it was just a normal sentence or you might never realised you did say so...but in my heart. I note it. Love & Heart it

After the movie kinda rush even the dinner too because he stuck in some problem. So we went back earlier and dint get to celebrate kaw kaw, he was kinda sorry for that but actually my heart was sweet enough. I heart all the long as you were here.

OMG! We gonna celebrate at tomorrow again. Means food again? I had enough seriously...
Wait for my next post...nothing huge or amazing. But for us...its a change.

Coming real soon~




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