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I don't know how and why, but it was our 2nd monthsary

Heart it heart this from beloved Bubu.
A guy got a exactly same taste as girl too, not bad =)
I think these were for me to match the coconut haircut. =.=''

We both totally had a different experience today and it happen in a sudden without planning. Unlike yesterday, everything he planned nice and well but however its not smooth. Today we follow the flow and heart. He came to my house and in a sudden we saw a bus, we just ran across the road and hop in. Well, most of the people looking at us, do we look insane? Or weirdo? No of course!

Maybe our face shows that we are too excited. You know...our very very first time taking the bus together. And we had forgotten how, price and stuff. It was packed and shaking, i hate holding those hanger inside the bus, i felt that the metal smell gonna stick and last at my hand so i refuse to do so even i might fall. So...I'm protected by him. Heheh~

How i wish i could get a seat now.

Rm1.90 x 2 for Pavilion. From my house to there only took Rm5+ of taxi fee. Hmnn~

I got a seat as i wish...pity Bubu gotta stand ALONE accompany by the bus tickets.

He got a seat!!!

In the bus we kept recalling back those memories. How we took bus last time. That dumb say last time he took bus by paying Rm0.30 only. LOL~ I remember that. Intrakota 40cents and 60cents for students. Now...INTRAKOTA gone...replace by Rapid KL. Things change real fast. In a blink, it may just "twink" and bye bye.

I used to had a damn sucks memories in the days of taking public transport. It happen in my high school day. For dont know what reason, my purse left Rm2.80 only. So after i took bus left Rm2.40 which is ngam ngam for the LRT fares. Dim ji dou...hohoho! 20cents drop in longkang, i think i got no cell phone that time. So with only Rm2.20 i couldn't reach my destination. DAMN! I lend from passerby, charm dou!!! Some more promise will pay them back, i still remember she is a Malay girl. Hahah, she say no need. I should know, who wanna kira that 20cents with you? LOL

Since that day onwards, i never bring less than Rm50 out even to school. If i found out purse forgotten to "refill", i die also will borrow from friend till i get Rm50 in my pocket then only will feel safe. All my friend are used to it, because i always forgot to placed back the duit after night market session. Bad experience, shadow forever.

So i told this to him, he laugh like hell in front me...=.=

Jamming...if it wont jam you better think twice that where you are now. Surely wont be KL.
When Bubu said aren't we suppose to go down here to PAVILION. I said NO. That's why, we passed by Pavilion in a speed of 60km/h or 80km/h perhaps. Then headed to Petaling Street. Sei mou?

And that's why i had my new collections again. Just now Rm1.90 now Rm1. We definitely can take a taxi to Pavilion by paying (1.90 x 2)+(1 x 2) DAMN BLUR US. No its me.

Oh yea~do you guys do that before? When you get your bus ticket then add up the serial number. If its 21, congrats!! Make a wish. Well, that's what i heard from people since high school and i still believe in it. Silly nor Naive

Once get down the bus, Oh -La-La

Lapar betul, went straight away to makan. PEPPER LUNCH here we go~
(D.I.Y restaurant that at Pavilion food court level)

What i mean by D.I.Y have to cook your meal by your own with the serving hot plate. So medium done, well raw you want your beef as in, you decide.

Steps to go...
1. Order and pay
2. Get a number and seat
3. Food to be served by waiter and cook by your own.

He's emo when he's happen all the time. He has huge huge huge...stomach

Steak ad burger set if not mistaken, with additional egg. Start to cook before over cooked.
He's one of the egg addict but then...he act kind when i offer him the yolk. He said " you eat la, i don't want." I kept push to him he said the same thing to me, so i ate half of it and feed him another half. Guess what...he ate it all. I know you like it la, dumb ass!

Next time...its your turn to cook. Get it?!

Follow by that, we headed to the Chinese cuisine just right beside. Well~like get into pirate ship. Menu was tempting, but when you see it in details, we realise that most of the dishes are made from same ingredient. Don't understand? Never mind, i'll explain. Is like...cod fish in sizzling style, steam cod fish set, steamboat cod it? LYAO or not?
Even dessert also hardly selected out. Red bean ice cream with yam and sweet potatoes.
Sick with this!!! I love yam and sweet potatoes, not much...but this really...weird. I don't like it.
Best thing in it was the red bean. =.= ONLY...

He got a unsatisfied face expression.

Plan to walk to Sungai Wang and saw this. Xmas decor...loads of them.
Collection time ;p

Note his Tee shirts, i guess this is the reason that why people look at us at the bus, it was not about me but his SHIRTS geh hot Chic's. You know, guys have great imagination and auntie with closed minded...that's why~
Maybe...maybe...i should suggest him, in order to spend few hundred for this kinda Tshirts, why not just print my on it. I'll free for him *.^
Today we just discuss about his limited edition Tee, it was like....$^&*(*&^%
I said, why not i put the words on it "LIMITED EDITION"
Ta-daaa~done. He get shut.

US in the trinket

Sometime i don't really understand why guy are so addicted to those...CLOT, STUSSY, EVISU and blah...but i guess its same like how girls mad with shopping or Hello Kitty. He's getting better now, think wise before buying, not spending that much anymore but saving more for the future. Not our future la of course, its his. Now he started to let me keep Rm100 per week for him to control of his money usage. At least no matter how he spend until the pocket kosong, money still left Rm100 here. Right? Guys who don't really save, ask your gf to do so. If you don't have, go save inside the bank and break the ATM card. It works i guess~
If not, think need that money to enter the arc. LOL

Was hoping to shoot with the WHOLE tree thingies..too bad.

Well, noon time it don't really look that attractive. But still, it's in my collection.

The deer will only light on at night...sobs.

Even it's not light on still very pretty mar

Faith brought us together and here we are, hand to hand.
Arguments let us grow, tears build our relationship stronger.
Randomly we $%^&*^%, we kissed, we mess up with things, we emo. As long as it's a WE, I'm glad enough.
Knowing you more, it may be scary but still it can be sweet if we handle it well.

Yelling each other at the middle of the night, its what we do before up to bed, we called it a bedtime story, chapter of understanding.
Obstacle are unknowing but i know there are more to steps on, just make sure finger crossed. No matter, whatever, however, the promised still goes on.
Ultimate...we will find out in someday

He's my boy, now and hopefully forever *hearts*




World Peace


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