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Tonite is the Nite

Im going for a ice cream + movie date today~

finally...have been abandon movie for 1 week i guess. Haha~u guys might be thinking just 1 week only doesnt consider long. For consider long is because i will never miss one movie that i targeted. At least one to three movie a week.

with Mr Sun...
We watch SORORITY ROW. It was really scary, the way the killer murder people using a second its really unbelievable. The firs gal were killed by the beer bottle. The killer stuck into her throat while she was lying on the sofa drinking. OMG~u still dare drinking beer? i asked him. He get silence. Some of the scene i dont dare to watch, i just closed my eyes and let him tell me whats going on. AHAH~his afraid too i guess...we regret for choosing this horror movie at our first movie date, but if not. How he gonna find out that im gonna scratch people when im afraid. The earlier he knows will benefit him right? Hmnnn~

After the movie we headed to QUATTRO. Though of going Hennesy Artistry but then it end around 11pm. When we reach after the movie its already 12am la~

Meet his friend and went to winter because it was too crown down there. There are some band playing song that im not interested so...i would rather freeze myself up here.

Heineken~taste like shandy to me. I just taste 2 sip and give back to Mr Sun. Promise myself not to get drunk and drink anymore. So all the night besides 2 sip of Heineken i only drink COKE. Claps for me~

The not drunk face

winter blue as the background

He drink but he's not drunk

Taken when he dint noticed. Looks like spinning right? Bravo me~lol

Sun and Moon

I see "love" happening here~

Jun Han and me

Jackln's starfishie aka Fung How and me.

There is someone and someone there...Hmnnn~

Three musketeers

Fung How block someone which wanna to take pic as well.

A guy who is gentleman always a good guy? Agree?
Sounds stupid! it does not apply to all guys in the world

Big and round moon. Happy Mid Autumn festival~
Still remember "举头望明月,低头思故乡”

While waiting the jockey to get the car...took ages to reach~

Its taken by me~love it!

While waiting the car to arrive, snap snap~

Tiffany heart this picture alot! Sweet smile i have for the first time???

Drama's end. Its time to get some sleep~
I have a great day~
Thanks Mr Sun~

Besides its a movie date it is also a celebration for Mid Autumm festival. Mr Sun dint buy me any LUK FOK or Oversea moon cake for me cause it contain too much preservative. He buy me Teochew mooncake with yam inside and super fresh from oven
But he was suppose to get me piggy moon cake that i used to eat during childhood days~
Sold out. Looking forward for the coming Mid Autumm Festival again~




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