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DG Color Model Training

SEP 6, 2009

Join a model search lately and pass through the first interview. They provided us training classes like make up, grooming, on stage, catwalk and communication but i never attend one of those. Im too busy with the family prob lately and my grandma health i have to and willing and prefer to accompany her more. So this is the last extra class they purposely org for us, i get warning and advice to come at least 1 class. So here am i today, having my cold choc with EXTRA WHIPPED CREAM. Yum-may~

Today look with da make up~hope its not over done or less done compare to others cause they will be recording video. If not, i will prefer to attend with nude face since it was just a training class.

Philip Loh-Our trainer for catwalk. Surprise?

Besides, we have special guest for today too! Guess who~Soo Wincci, Miss World M'sia
She's much more pretty in real person and skin is sooooo....damn baby-ish
AYI, she used to be a freelance model before and joining 7-9 pageant before Miss World. She told us that everyone was shock when every time she get into pageant again but she enjoy herself and its a great experience for her. Confidence is what she said...Important!

Lets get it started~

Now this is the part i like most during the whole class. Her experience and advice session!
She told us about the entire life in Miss World for 1 month, and i ask alot of que that day honestly. Surprise that she did really answer all of ur que and share it without hesitate.
1.How cat fight happen and what causes it?
She said there was one contestant who wants other contestant to follow her rules. Wake her up in 3am, hold her she said judges actually know it and judges is always around u not only in front the table when u are on stage. BEWARE!
2. What talent she did?
Chinese traditional performance "bian nian" and a own written song and sang it. WHoah!
3. How is the life during Miss World?
Its tired but fun. For the whole entire month have to be well prepare and dress up. LISTEN! ITS EVERY SINGLE DAY. When they told u to wear casual what will u think? Jeans and tops? HELL NO! Its cocktail dress~EVERYDAY for 1 MONTH!
4. Is the outfit sponsored? How much do u spend on it?
Partially was sponsored. She bought there 3 big luggage and have to carry all by ur own. Spend 3k for all the evening gown and dresses. Hmnnnn~sounds good to u?
More que to go but then...i will just stated down the important and interesting one...i got poor memory la. Forgive me =)

Every girl is enjoying her speech...and me too! U really gain alot after heard what she said.
Its show time babeh~i have a catwalk video but then i dont really know how to upload, so forget bout it. Im lazeeee snake!
Owh this 2 picture~im so small size! Happy weih~
Marshall and me

Pretty her. Anyhow, she join pageant is not just to show up her pretty face and join in the media line that simple. She got a dream, singer. She use pageant as a stone to keep her moving forward and get close to her dream. Now she success. GET HER ALBUM NOW~u will never wanna miss it out!
Group picture of the day =)

After the training, im happy. When im happy, i'll eat! Lols
Went to Rendezvous with Sean drooling for beef XD
We are beef lover!

Rendezvous never failed me. Love the ambiance alot! Romantic, windy, average price and good for celebrating. OPEN AIR! AYI, its located at KAMPUNG PANDAN ROUNDABOUT there. Wish to celebrate monthsary with someone here^^

Food and drink of the day! The beef is still

Luckily the black pepper is not those flaming type, at least i taste black pepper not just hot.

Its mine fav orangie again!

Drool for prawn salad cocktail. Erm....honestly this look nice but the prawn is not fresh enough for me

Busy people who always busy talking on the fone for buisness even after work and its SUNDAY NITE man~

Hmnn~a bunch of guy in this place? Look gay i know~but why not!

Its my pixie time again =)

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