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Go Green Day

Do u guys realise that the movie nowadays is about END OF THE WORLD and asking us to save our world. There is a new movie coming soon name 2012. Its about end of the world too. Why we have alots of movie in this kinda story line? World is in danger!!!

There are some scientist predict that the end of the world date gonna be 12 Dec 2012. What u think about that? I know most of the people wont agree with it, some may even treat it as a after dinner joke but pls no matter what arent we suppose to make the place we stay a better place?

Try to recycle all the thing u could. U guys dont just buy a milk and ask for plastic bag pls. It worth alot if u refuse to use it. Girls who like to shop might can choose to bring alot a trendy recycle tote since we are buying from shop to shop, how many plastic bag u gonna get if u did a whole day shopping? Imagine that!

Here are some shoots i did for the theme of Go Green. Kinda love this theme and happy working with Anson too. Although he paid me but he did not ask me to get tanning under the sun and work like hell. Owh~thx!!! The picture its not showing or posing how i recycle but its about the beauty environment we have right now might be gone...soon or later.




World Peace


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