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Heard of this shop long ago from Kelvin but never had a chance to go there. Every time dad ask where to eat, my sis was in charge and that time i was still thinking cause i have too many foods and restaurant appear in my mind. Now i get to say this! Whee~sista cant eat spicy food. Well it is not one of those high class restaurant but then the food there is superb!
The bbq crab corner. I smell~S.E.A.F.O.O.D

This is the only and special dessert they sell here. "yao zhar guai" dip with KAYA. Thumbs up for the KAYA.

Butter prawn in dry style. Oh lala~its nice! Very nice even though normal day i prefer wet style.

Black pepper crab
BBQ crab

Kangkung without belacan. Owh~i hate my sista!

Seafood tom yum. Thumbs up! Its not too spicy but the fragrance of those spices is....killing me.

Cili padi lala

Owh no~tomorrow is DG Color Model Search and im still eating more than usual. Once again...i hate my dad...second...i hate myself!

I have nightmares if i cant stop thinking that i eat alot...can anyone tell me...bed time stories?




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