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Merdeka Celebration @ Barcelona

AUG 30, 2009

Barcelona...Hmnn~what can i describe it? Mostly peeps who went will say it as SEAFOOD gathering place. Even myself agree with that too. So that day my friend ask me why am i going there for since its a LALA-LAND...i answer because friend all were going there. Actually i think nothing wrong to go there since u are going there to enjoy with ya friend and not to see LALA rite? Why ppl look down on ppl who go there? DAMN u! As long as i enjoy i dont gove a damn where am i.

After meeting up the stylist gang for my lucky 9 then we headed there at 11pm+
I was just standing at the table nearby the bar...suddenly the music spin and i felt heat pass by my face. Its FIRE! Somebody call 911, fire aint burning at the dance floor, its my face!
The two guy there damn enjoying playing with da fire but they never realise they burn me~ahaha. But i felt lucky, they dint burn my hair...or else KAA-BOOooooM! I will smell something gross and people will see smoke fro my head.

Reno and me, when the first time i met him dont know why he give me FANG DA TONG feel, maybe cause his wearing nerdie spec that time. Or IM BLIND~

Caesar salad and me~that boy is drunk!

Jason and Caesar

I hate to take pic with him, his face so "nut" mine was like balloon. Sickening!

Ah May May . Jason . Mie

Shino and me...he left to Taiwan real soon but will be back after 1month. That day i chat alot with him asking que bout him and his gal, found that he was sweet and responsible guy! He show me the tattoo he made for his gal and let me guess where isit before that. Now u guess....where isit? Its shoulder la. Means responsible. I dont mean that guy who dont tattoo gf name at shoulder means not responsible to her la, its just that the meaning behind he told me is kinda sweet to me.

Kevin Chee Han Hua....and i always called him CHIWAWA~ahaha

I forgot the gal name jorrr..Opps~she just join in suddenly while im dancing with the peeps. So its just one nite dance with her...i got poor memory, but i like her because she's a CAMWHORER too!

Joseph and me~ahaha! Look whos laughing behind?

The stylist hair always gotta be COLOURED!

No idea who is he and her. Join in in the half way and asking for pic...i guess this is the way ppl social in club, HOORAH~thats why i will never get a guy in club. Who knows if his gonna did that too when he has me? Hmnnnnn~

Chi-wa-wa look so tiny titsie bitsie~

No idea what's her name, picture only thats all
I am wondering why Chiwawa force me to take pic with her? Are they gonna sell my pic? Lols

Shino again~miss
May is bringin sexy back~

Told myself not to drink and i warn myself before i go. Really dont want to end up like the previous x'mas eve. Oh gosh~i drink and im drunk again, but this time is so much better! I dint vomit just a bit dizzy, shaking and high. Jason told me that im kept throwing F bomb to them and showing my middle finger. They were shock and kept thinking is that tiffany? XD

However, even if im drunk i still can take pic X=)
Here is the after drinking pic, not that nice but IM LOVING IT

Toys for sista from the partay pack =)
Its windieee day~~

Im enjoying the about u my dear frens? Or u guys dont even celebrate MERDEKA! I dont but today is a must for me to shake shake boo boo~
After the broke up, its been hell long dint visit the club. An joyful nite to me, thx guys who invite me. Tonite~i flirt alot! Never been a bad gal...i mean outta control. I never used to dance and drink with stranger but today, i DID. At those day, when im dancing and saw those guy came near to be i will pull my bf hand up and show him acting accidentally, today~I WILL NOT DOING THAT! Wanna know why? Cause im single and available... XD




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