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I gotta feeling~

They all finally are back...happy! They were suppose to work but they told their boss flight delay. LMAO

And we plan to go ULU LANGAT waterfall to play water but Mr Jason have to be good boy so after yamcha he gotta rush home. PLAN CANCEL~

This few days while they are away, i did something stupid. VERY STUPID! I accept someone request from no where of in relationship with him in facebook. Finally, we pulled back after we found out it was stress for getting call and que for asking this question. Later on, i go beg my ex back, say that i want to be with him. #$%^&* Im insane at that time, luckily Mr Jamie pull me off of the conversation. If not...what am i now?

When Mr Jason and Joseph is back, they know about this...i saw disappointment and anger from their eyes. Mouth kept saying why am i that stupid. I told them with smile "cause u all away make me feel lonely" They shut up. Ahhaa~

Friends like them is the best. They even sacrifice themselves just for my selfishness. I feel touch but i never told them. Am i ego?

Now think back...why must i be sad because im single? I got them...the greatest friend! U readers must be curious why i have not much close girlfriend...its because during my high school time i have many unhappy memory. For me gal are bitchy, they can be good and wipe ur shoes in front u, but when u are facing back. U were step by them in front of others. Till now...i still afraid of gals. Guys are always different for me, at least they were straight, they like or dislike they will told u straightly. Even if they not telling u, they wont narrow the fact like those bitch.

Im growing older and older...matured perhaps. Thick back to last time, i should be glad how they treat me. If it wasnt them, i wont know the world faster than i should. If it wasnt them, i wont be learning to be tough that early.

Ex Bf's was always sensitive about the guys friend i had around me, but what can i do? I dont like gals, i should say i afraid of just aint about him rite? I got secret that need to tell besides of bf. Relationship need trust and communication.

But how many pair of couples did really trust their love ones 100%? If it doesnt...IT NEED MORE COMMUNICATION LAH~

Searching for the Mr. right? Where is my love? The one who be? Tell me the time and place so i can find u easier.

Opps~forgotten my Miss Xin yi. She's my female buddy! Life is great since the day we met. We were in same primary school but we are not friends that time until we met at TARC.

When im always mad, she used to be around me to calm me down. When i have bad tempered she never blame. Well~what can i say? She took care of me very well during my college day at TARC. And now...she still...heart her =)

Mwah~love u babe!

Guy who cant be lover, u all are still welcome to be my friend. At least i know that u guys did really put effort to understand me more. Thanks for that but the best one doesnt mean that u are the right one.

Who knows that if we were friend, life could be more amazing!

 all my friend!
Mwah~ ^@^

THEY ARE BACK!!! But turn to kampung chicken!

When acting hard my my spec. He should bleach his hair to grey...

We talk craps alot and teasing each othere. Now i feel much better...i release my moody once they are back!

Welcome the 2 kampung chicken from Langkawi.

There's a joke he said..."i regret i dint put my brother for tanning lo." Get it?

Perhaps...he really wanted to do so.

The after four days, im still constant variable but they turn to...




World Peace


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