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Cubes @ Jaya One

After doing my assignment, baby fetch me to meet my parents at Jaya One because they are having dinner there. How can i miss it when i heard CUBES. AYI, Jaya One has a street name "wai sek gai" and its full of restaurant with nice ambiance and superb food. What u need to do is mark down what u eaten this time and came for another in next visit.

Compare to others Chinese Cuisine this is what i prefer most. The place is well decorate, good lighting, colour friendly (not like those red or yellow table cloth)...and its cozy!

Sista enjoying the food like usual~

Appetizer of the day-grilled duck wrap with egg crepe

crepe that used to wrap the duck

Seaweed tofo with sour sauce
Not really like the taste, i feel weird but then the tofu is soft and smooth~

Broccoli sista favourite

Cod fish, the Tan's sista favorite because there is no bone and nice looking?

Her face shows that how much she likes the food over here

Steam soup-old winter melon with scallop
soup taste superb sweet and natural but i guess they did put a little ajinomoto like every restaurant did.

When dad ask them for bill, they said wait and a waitress send sis a FRIED ICE CREAM! How nice? Sad case sis cant eat it cause she's coughing for quite a period and till now haven't recover. I'll just have to be the good sister ad help her out. Its chocolate flavour. Yum~




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