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I'm Alive!

First thing came home and have this thought i MUST blog.

Got into car accident at federal highway (right in front Kuan Cheng High School) this morning at 5am+, in case you are wondering why I'm up so early, my finals fall on 8am. So i thought I could reach college earlier and study in the library for the final recall of memory.

Seriously, idk why this will happen? I mean I know but this don't happened during the previous experienced I had. This was major disaster, imma not drive for a period until i can overcome it or maybe I'll only drive when I came back from US 2 years later. If you were me, i swear you will have phobia too! Imagine the car bang on the first lane and flew to the third lane?

How’s that!

After the turn from TimeSquare heading to Jalan Istana, i pass through the big steep bridge and going downwards to Kuan Cheng direction, AT THIS TIME i was moving from 3rd lane to 1st lane but then when I reached 1st lane, things got weird! I CANT-TURN-MY-STERLING back to the direction (which avoids banging the divider)! I tried so hard even over twisted it but BANG! The car sticks to the divider and drag furthermore, I guess I was so nervous and I did not step on the break. MAYBE...

When I bang, I saw there is a van behind me, I'm so freaking scare that the van will come near me and we might just end up knocking each other or squeezing each other and see who's car is tougher or who will able to survive. Luckily he stays behind but WTF he saw me banging right and left. How awkward! I hope he did not have any phobia caused by me, because if I'm the driver, I would afraid of driving beside any car after witnessing this!

So after banging the divider at the first lane, i tried to twist my sterling again, obviously it did not help at all. What I heard was BANG-krrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (scratching and dragging sound)-BANG at the first lane. After the second bang which is very loud and hard (I assume because my right arm is blue black now and I was very scare and nervous shit, I can’t remember very clear which is louder.) my car suddenly turned to towards the third lane from the first lane. IT WAS SCARY SO SO SO SCARY that i didn't even dare to shut my eyelids for ONE SEC! And i witness my car is moving towards nowhere and I can’t take control over it while I'm suppose to! Again BANG! And Krrrrrrkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. STOP...finally.

The car did not stop because of me, but the force of don't know what which drags the tire. I thought my tire flew off during the accident because i heard krrrrrrr....if there is a tire why got that steel sound? After the accident, i was still shaking in between 5 seconds and that van finally came beside me and stop for 2 sec and WTF! He did not even go down the car and offered a help and drive away!!! Deng! Can I rob you with this kinda situation? Meh, who wants your van? And why I need to bang my car like that just to rob you or whatever shit that harm you? People nowadays are heartless.

Then i tried to cool down and realized I'm in pain. OK, fingernails broke and the flesh is OUT! Opps i mean exposed. From 5am+ till now, the blood never dried off but still wet! I did not blame for the pain or brag about it because I felt that I'm lucky enough that I'm still alive that little pain doesn't count for now. During the second bang, I can feel my car is gonna flip! Abit upside down and what I pray was "I DON'T WANNA DIE PLEASE!"

That very moment i only very very know that LIVE IS SO F**K IMPORTANT! LIKE SO SO SO X infinity times IMPORTANT!

After the accident, it took awhile for the Kuan Cheng guard to come out. He was the one who helped me look at my car condition and ask if I'm ok and he is an Indian. I did no go down the car because everyone drives so fast there and i heard loads of news that people kena bang and died after accident. Not because he was died in his own accident but he went down and check at the car and people just BANG him. The guard ask me to come down but I was so scare that they might rape me, I know I'm being so negative. But since this so bad luck things could happened to me, I must assume and avoid everything that is possible!

Cool down and called dad, he was shock and uh-oh. Luckily the car engine is still working (if not I can’t imagine how much it’s gonna cost plus i just changed car!), the reason that it can’t moved is because of the tire alignment (or what you called it) direction was twisted.

Mum did not come with dad because she has to take care my sis. The first thing she asked me when she called was "Are you awake?" I'm like LOL. "I'm wide awake and I even make myself breakfast before 5am mum." How amazing but still, idk what happened. I told mum I was trying so hard to twist my sterling and it couldn't help, mum say that road is "dirty"...if you get what I mean. The supernatural being.....

But its fact that loads of accidents happened before, the guard told me one week at least 3-4 cases. Not forgetting that, the corner road of Kuan Cheng is famous with Oil Spill. People who got into accident normally found their car tyre contain oil out of a sudden. Those tow man serious MTFK! If people really died because you purposely spill oil to get business, you will never feel guilty? Karma hit you back asshole!

I was so near to death or serious injured eventho if my car didn't flip here and there. Luckily I'm driving the BIG and TALL car, I can’t imagine if the car was same height as Civic, Wira, or maybe maybe SLK. I can die seriously. Because the divider is semen type and its height was 3/4 of normal cars. The divider bang my car door but if normal car it would be the window I'm pretty sure and there goes your face, eyes or maybe even more serious your throat.

Appreciate life peeps. There might be no second time. *touchwood*

Again, I'm glad that I'm ALIVE.


Kingsley said...

being alive is certainly a bliss =) take good care~

Anonymous said...

thank god! u are alive

Chester Khuan said...

Thank God you are OK except for a little blue black. That is most important. I hope this won't stop you from driving again. Stay safe and sound.

hEnRy said...

I have the same experience as you did. Totally damn scary.

Same Federal Highway, differ location. My car is just 2 front tires on the divider like my car can fly. Same case as you, lucky i'm not driving small car but a BIG one.

Appreciate your life after that.
Life is just so important.
Lucky you still alive

Anonymous said...

luckily u still alive!! thanks god!

tiffany tan said...

> kingsley. yea, every seconds count! Im so so so glad!

tiffany tan said...

> anon 1. yea...i dont really believe god but thx god he saved me!

tiffany tan said...

> anon 1. yea...i dont really believe god but thx god he saved me!

tiffany tan said...

>chester yea! no more dangerous driving! god bless us

tiffany tan said...

> henry OMG! urs sounds so much more scary! Hanging up there?

hEnRy said...

Yea,hanging up. I didn't realize it till i get off from my car. Wondering how come i need to get down for like extra height...since my car already kinda high enough...=X

Haha..but lucky still alive.
Well, next time need to be much more careful there.

Take Care of Yourselves there =)

Anonymous said...

Why sterling? Semen divider? Huh what technology is that?

Anonymous said...

Miss, do you know what's semen?



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