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Moment like now...

Blog hits are dropping, yea... The lag of updates. Besides advertorial, nothing motivating me to blog.
I've been tortured by college stuff for the past 4months, and finally the semester is gonna end soon. Hopefully I'll get myself update everything in the past 4 months. Too stress, therefore nothing to be done. This is me. Some will be motivated once the stress is pressuring them but the other way round. I'll do nothing or probably last minute work.

Relationship doesn't goes well. Talking about long distance, fighting for the smallest lies and habits. I don't like lies, every girls does i believe. If you cant do it, don't promise. Don't tell her "its a small thing, why must you get mad" after she found out that you lied. Sometime, we were drag by all this stupid small issue.It was not betrayal, how you make a big fuss and said END?

College...argh! Where to start? I'm just hating it every second! And its the first time i had this feelings towards it. Some friends, we call it bitch, they use you, they bitch about you with no fact, they stab you after they smile to you. LIFE. Hating lecturer don't know how to manage their time, how can you all giving tons of assignment in the last minute and EVERY SINGE LECTURER doing so! Who you think you are and we are not superman! All are heavy, isn't it just forcing us to chose ONE instead of completing all!

Talking about body figure, Oh la la~ i cant recognize myself...SOON!
Didn't realized I've gain weight like F! I can pull and squeeze my fats now. WTH. I'm missing the moment of working to keep my mouth zip from food.

Nothing happening to update (or maybe i have but too lazy for the time consuming of uploading) so one photoshooting picture and random thoughts / blame for you peeps. More pictures, pls view it at my  FaceBook

Happy Sunday to YOU and ME =)


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