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Rm203,000 to be given away to ALL WeBUYERS!

Internet is a MUST in my life, and of course my iPhone! I get my deals, order, and job done thru these. Talking about DEALS! Now I remember I’ve found this AWESOME buying site  ! The site is gonna feature new deals every max 3 days, and giving 50%-90% discounts from the original price!

Here are the previous deals I’ve missed! Sighs…

My favorite Chinese Restaurant!! Their crispy duck is Slurps….and the dining ambiance was imba!
Too bad, I’ve missed the 50% discount! Or else I’ll be saving more when I dine there.

Another 50% discounts for Kissaten too! You just hafta try their choc mouse, pasta and pizza there. Taste like heaven!

Talking about 100% discounts. Do you believe this? No joke man!!! Its FREE!!!

And and and…it’s a GUCCI bag!

Good deals goes fast, so act fast to grab awesome deal by joining this AWESOME site!

Having sweet tooth like me?

Macarons addict?

Good news for ya!!!

Discounts that more than 50% for a High Tea lunch set!

Paying Rm11 you’ll get Rm28 back. This is insane right!

Click here to grab the deal before is too late! 

Besides, girls do need to take care ourselves from hair, skin, nails, clothes, etc……too MUCH! I bet tat gonna cost a bomb!

Now is the saver by offering us THIS!

Grab! Grab! Grab! And share to all jimuisssss

Besides, there are more upcoming deals…sneak peak HERE! 


Can’t get the deals you want? It’s ok! You can request them HERE!

Now…get ready for the MOST AWESOME deals from

They are giving away Rm203,000. *rubeyes*

Yes, you saw this! They are giving Rm203,000 to ALL PARTICIPING WeBUYers within 120 hours!

But now they are only giving away Rm3 before it can hit to 1500 participant! So be the next 1500-1371= 129 participants and upgrade it to Rm5!

If the next target is achieved, the prize money will be upgraded again. This goes on until the target of 10,000 participants.

Remember to check out the chart below and understand how it works.

 Start now…because….Now, Every Second & Person Matters

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