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Taragon Restaurant at Taylor's Lakeside

Short update!
Never stepped into any restaurant under Taylor's Hospitality course but Jade invited me to. Every one's been telling me that they sucks. (No offend but this is what i heard.)

Bun bun bun! I didn't finish it due to some weird taste and smell.

Now i recall that Jade actually send me the menu and now i have no idea where i save it and and and...i hafta start to crap out the foods name.

Tuna Potato salad.

Taste very light, like almost no taste. Still good for people who's on diet like me.

Chicken creamy pie serve with dried chili gravy.

The gravy was a bit sour, not spicy, erm...WEIRD in one word. But the pie was really awesome, except bitsie salty.

Here comes my favourite! Dessert time!

Chocolate cream

Sweet like heaven HELL
No like! Ate half and decided to leave it before i get diabetes.

Mua fav bow with purple napkin!

The bunch from Hospitality course plus me from ADP. Awkward!

Tea comes after the meal.

If not mistaken, one set cost around Rm15. Well, sometimes the food can go very tasty but it depends on your luck which chef you gonna bump into on that day.

Friday is here and Saturday is almost here in a sec! Getting excited for the weekend and tonight's date.



Kien said...

hahaha..too bad...



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