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2011 Valentine's Dinner at Top Hat Restaurant

Vday post that delayed for almost a month. Tee Hee~too many pictures, i got so fed up once i opened the folder. So I cut off some of the pictures and ta daa~

Ma look for Vday

My Fluffy!

We were playing this role play lately. Act like a pet! LOL i know we sounds crazy but we viewed too much of pet video recently  until we wanna get one too. Those dog can play with you, massage, and many tricks! Sho effin adorable till it melted my Bu's heart. Bu wanna get me a puppy as V Gift but.... Too bad! I'm not ready to be a mama yet although i want it so badly. A dog is like your own kid, hafta commit kaw kaw!

Top Hat Restaurant.
Fine Dining. Located at Jalan Stonor. Transformed from a banglo.

Vday menu

Complimentary gift from Top Hat

Mr Sun

Why Vday is red, not pink meh?

Let the food journey begin~
Basically we had the same food except main course. As ya'll know, Vday mar...set is a must or else ala carte will actually cost more than your HUGE set.

Starter- Seafood Salad
Thumbs up!!!

Wild Mushrom Soup

My cod fish with shitake mushroom!

Nom nom nom~

Mr Sun's Wagyu Beef. This is HEAVENLY yummy! The beef was so tender juicy and they didn't over cooked it, i can still see blood on it. RAWR!

Miss miss chu

Strawberry, choc, cake

That night we spend almost 3 hours for dinner. Its been ages. We realized that we always rushing for movie, shopping after finishing our meal but still I'm glad that we still had our pillow talk every night no matter what, even though we are fighting or having cold war. Difference is we talk less, share less than normal days.

There goes or Rm500+ dinner. Vday dinner is seriously overrated! He was ok with the price but me...NOT REALLY! Bu said that this is the best Vday meal he had before, at least the dishes isn't cold and the wagyu was really yums! So some little advice here, make sure you don't walked into those FAMOUS restaurant that people will normally dine in. Or else, cold food will be served. Pay a little more effort to google-ing.

Planning to sell off this dress too. Who's interested? =) Good quality cotton

Vain pictures...ALERT!

Gift do lets all girls get excited! Don't they? Perhaps guys too.

Mr Sun bought something useful for US this year. Surprise!

I thought of going out dinner like this...but....I'm very clear that it doesn't match with ma dress. So give up!

So March 14 is coming. Happy White Valentine?


Anonymous said...


I'm interested in buying that dress. I have sent you an email so do let me know :)


tiffany tan said...

Hi wt, I've check my mail but didn't saw yrs. Are u sure u have send to the right add?

Anonymous said...

hey i double checked and it was the same email add. i have sent you another email, hopefully you can get it this time.

otherwise, how else can i get in touch with you?





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