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Hokkaido Ichiba @ Gardens

Spotted this new Jap restaurant few months ago when its still under renovation. Finally get a chance to try it after it opened ages ago.

VIP room

It looks quite empty when you are standing outside the restaurant but when you walk it, its actually big and spacious. Besides, there's loads of people dining there tho.

Ice cream....

4 big book of menu.

With 2 pax, its hard to order food because the potion was quite big. So no real food to show ya but menu's picture. =P

Before having my meal I'm already thinking of this!

Fancy drink

Sashimi lover, don't wait!

I'm so gonna get this on my next visit!

I don't know why what how so special about it that makes it so costly.

I'm addicted! Rm13 yes or no? Still i preferred the one they serve at The Loaf!



Salmon Salada Maki

Minced Chicken Spicy Ramen. Slurps~
Forgotten the price but they serve it in really big portion that worth the price.

Macha and Dark Choc ice cream as dessert.
Its freaking hard! And it wont get melt easily! The macha they added milk in it so not my type, I'd prefer the ori ones. Dark choc YES YES YES! Pure thick chocolate!




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