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Underdog Soldiers Screening

Again, Movie Preview Screening for Underdog Soldiers. Me like!

First of all have to thanks to Blup-Blup fr the ticket.

So who wants FREE ticket like me over here? Don't raise your hand or gimme wink wink.
All you need to do is to join this few Facebook page and they will give it to you FREE. Easy huh?

Cinema Online is like IMDB.
Main functions are as follows:-Showtimes

Besides. That's one more page you must not missed!!!

Hahah runs a campaign on a weekly basis with Cinema Online to give away movie tickets. In additional, Hahah not only giving out movie tickets, they have awesome rebate, discount for food and much more. You can save hell alot by using it. Go check out their website now before anyone grabs it before you.



simonso said...

retired d is it?



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