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Selling iPhone 4 Black 16gb With Warranty (NEW)

iPhone 4 Hype is gone? No way! Almost everyone is talking about it now. Who doesn't?!
Everyone is complaining about the antenna problem that used to exist, but hello! Its fix my dear. See here! How good it is i suppose you had heard it, or you just have to borrow it from someone to explore yourself besides seeing the advs again and again.

Confirm NEW!

Still comes with the original screen protector but you still have to get a new one after this.

Previous 3gs user, are you still bringing your camera and 3gs together by stuffing all in your mini clutch when you're attending party or club?

Now, you only need this. 5 mega pixels which is good enough adding flash light. Of course don't compare with your digital camera. That was its purpose for!

Full Set.


Model: iPhone 4
Colour: Black
Price: Rm 2450
Storage: 16gb
Warranty: 1 year (local telco company)

note* this is not my own iPhone 4, its a 100% NEW PHONE. Stop asking dumb question! (edit)

1. Why isit higher than retail price?
Firstly its without contract and i bet all of you do noticed that in Malaysia, in order to get an iPhone, you MUST sign with local telco company at least 12mths. So if you really know maths well, you should know which is more better for you =)

2. How much is the market price in Malaysia?
As i know, Low Yat is selling at Rm3000 without plan...BUT without warranty as well.

3. Payment method
COD- Cash On Delivery, so that you can check the phone condition and i wont get con. But only limited at KL, PJ and Cheras area.

4. iPhone 4 Official Video and How FaceTime (video call) works?

5. What people says bout iPhone?

6. More about iPhone 4 Review

7. What's the different among iPhone 3gs and 4?


Jack Ng said...

hihi ... y so fast wan to sell out ?!

tiffany tan said...

this is not mine, its a brand new.

Anonymous said...

hmm... i heard there's OS problem with the iphone 4 + there's news about USB overheat. i guess we should wait for it to resolve the problem =)



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