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this friday went for shooting session at butterfly park and here's the picture of the day
was shock that i can get it so fast, thx to the photographer

this the best pic that we both rated it and it get great feedback after posting at the photographer forums. phew~ i was happy that i manage to hold the feels that the theme need.

this few day was kinda like mental distract...i guess this is what it call?
all shooting that comes with theme makes me got to do research and get myself into it, by acting the people in the scene.
depress in waiting, kidnap,...etc.

im online is because im researching with tons of pic and articles
i guess doing homework brings u great outcome XDbut i do feel better with outdoor shoot and concept shoot...agree with ash!
cause its more fun compare to studio shoot that are boring.
plain background, pose for nothing but ur own...agree?

so this my fav pic of the day! =)

love this too

this is nice rite? see note below

actually we were planning for orchid park shoot, but then the photographer change his mind so suddenly and i was...what? I'm afraid of butterflies. stop laughing if u are!!! i don't like insects especially ants and things that flies~

someone told me that butterflies come with poison in powdery ones will make u get itchy, so start from that day, i never near butterflies anymore, or else i will shout. I'm sure that all my close fren know, when birds flying above me i will knee down suddenly, i saw ants i will scream and run with my ass, when i saw cats in nearby i will shoo it or i ran away, in case I'm sitting at mamak, I'll just put my legs up ^^

more to come...stay tune~




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