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interview on my pre bday

the noon of forgotten which day, was going to the interview of JTI.
They are paying me high, but i don't like the job scope...what to do? MUNEE PLAYING THE ROLE
just give me a try and personality a break
in this pic...i don't know why or how my face getting like balloon for just a nite time...owh!
seat belt on?

sunshine which reminds me sitting behind him once due to avoiding the hot sun damaging my fair skin...haha~
there were once a gal who thinks in this way...

finished interviewed, they told me i should be ok to be selected. wish so~

after the movie "state of play"-kinda depress and sad for what politic are comm here but u gotta see ur own
--cam whore pic time--

balooney face of tiff's
like speed! moody or happy...YES YES YES!

mickey cookie from dome?

i love DOME!

my rainbow cookie from SEAN from DOME

ice choc from DOME melts me up!

whoa~calorie up up

extravaganza creamy cream cream

supper of the day...sigx! im gonna be 20 real soon...

im 20 now!

can i still act cute when im taking pic? pls....LOL




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