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JTI briefing

work stuff again...
suppose to wake at 8am to prepare attending job briefing at PJ. holy shit i woke at 8.50am, briefing starts at 10am. i called the agent immediately to inform that i might be late. funny that is, he told me now only 8.50 am worr, how u will be late? LOL, i count my make up time as well for sure only will be done at 10am then after that travel time?
he said better dont and make it really rush for it. dint get my bfast as well, and im gona starve till end of the briefing which is 3pm!!! i was late for 20min...should give myself a clap cause i fly on the road but nothing bad happen.
this job pay is really attractive, they are giving 35per hour and just got to work for 4hour per day for 6days per week means 140 per day,840 per week. nice rite? but 1 station 1 gal only, i bet its gonna be bored cause no more chit chatting partner is available.
so this the uniform for JTI
i reformat it to high waist shirt...i guess its ok for them. hate is, they require us to look tidy and tie our hair to pony tail...face look bigger~




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