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primary school frens gathering 110709

there should be a shooting before the gathering, but im just too tired and lazy to wake up from my i made some excuses

oppsie daisie, but i really feel exhausted.

even for the gathering...i was late for it!
it suppose to be 1pm lunch. i woke at 12.55...holy shit

so quickly call the fren and get myself done. finally i reach there at 2pm

wasnt that bad mah...only 1hour late, got to thx to pavi located near my place

im the late queen for the gathering, no one but me!

i walk in there hearing my heart beat jumping in every second...bibibobbob~faster and faster

saw one table which is longer than the others...ah huh! sure is them
get myself a seat and started to recognise people name one by one

whoosh~trying effin hard!

sounds like some memory test

after the memory test, we did some memoy test again by thinking back the past when we were in primary school. who likes who, which teacher sucks, which classmate is...many

but every memory brought us laughter, i was glad that i attend it

thinking the past might be suffer for some people, but im sure there is some that u will love it too as well.

no sadness how it gona show that u are having happiness now?

here is some pic to share with u all~

sook yee, me, pygie

min ee(i called her minnie mouse), ke xin, xiao looi

saw? everyone in there smiling not bacause of posing is because their heart says so

sook yee and me
i used to play with her allot during school time

pygie and me

jing xuan...shes the librarian

khye liang, the big head with so damn tall height

he just have to bengkok his body in order to match my height

AYI, im wearing super killer heels that day, but still cant defeat him

so i ask him not to crooked his head, or else i will look shorter!

cutie pygie

kai xuan, the always gentleman since small

soya . me

jun wai . me

derek . me

this guy horr, damn sad that i dont remember him no matter how many he told me what we do during primary times. but one thing is...i only remember the way he talk. haha~

jun wai . pygie

i guess his too enjoy~

wei lin-still so skinny!

mr big head

shuwei . me

xiao looi . me . min ee

ke xin-me-yu lin

soya-ke xin-me-yu lin

i call her WOMEN, she is the one that change allot! not just outlook but inner part

i used to remember that last time she fight with guys allot and each time she wil put her hand at her waist and yell at the guys follow by chasing them. But now, she is so damn feminine~

michelle(meh meh the goat) . me




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