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shooting in the early morning of 8am, i woke at 6+ the sky were still dark...whoa~long time no see my fren! it only happen when im in high school time.

shooting with one of the JB photographer today

view of TS HOTEL

sky are not blue but grey! what did those indo guy did to my country!!! fark~

breakfast with issa

did some little shopping at 7-11 before the shoot

found this!!! so cute~its a mini sand castle tools
was staying at 34th floor, so we have plenty of time to camwhore

shooting pic will upload soon once i got it
-stay tune-

so after the shoot, join kent for lunch at TS again after i went home and we go there again
thought was goin for movie...dim ji tat fella see the timing wrongly so both cant make it as it ends at 8pm and i have badminton he has basketball competition.
i always in love with big big geh earings~i guess it helps me by making my face smaller?

was planning to have lunch in BBQ PLAZA, but then i note this!
and pathetic is i never try before eventhough how long i crave for it. so now...i got my chance!

always saw this is those taiwan drama or tv show intro. for sure, it has some influence to me as well. pick that! *thumbs up*
u know~the mian xian is just nice but best part is its cili is not that spicy but it blends well with the gravy. best best best part is...its oyster is super fresh, and they just cook it a while to let it remain a bit raw. YUM~

so many day busy working also dint get to eat well....hahaha
now i did! a proper nice meal that i demand for.

BTW, its "ko zai mian"

burp~u can feel that how nice is it now?

before i went in that shop, it was empty. but suddenly...its pack!

another one that makes me drooling~XXL chic chop!
seldom like to eat fried stuff besides yong tau fu, but this...ok ler. its nice to me but i still dont dare eat often...fattening! hell, this is no joke, the chic chop was damn big!

ready to feel the crock crock sound~

golden and crispy ones~

now u got to see the oil~i suck from it!

the "waited" so long meal! im happy bacause i ate something nice~

after kent settle down his prob with the bankie, we went back to TS to collect the car.

damn it, the escalator was not functioning, at the last step, i jump down the last piece of it. i dint see it clearly, the two pieces of it was actually not in the same height! GDI, i hurt my leg. ITS PAIN. i was stunt and feeling nothing for few seconds. kent was just laughing! how evil!

nite time, went badminton again with sean. this time i bet i play better than last week, wuahah~or they "fong sui"? leg still hurts at that time, dont feel like running but they did that to me...sobs~ after yamcha...home sweet home




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