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this outing was in our plan for so damn long after the final
but since all of us were busy so it just gotta delay again and again till everyone is free~
miss xinyi came by around 12pm, afer hop up we went to mid valley to meet up with mister Xiang. He should be late, but its us...uhlala~

i dont have to drive, so i can camwhore where and when i wanted too
as much as posible =D

later that, went for movie THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT

before i went out, i were asking some frens comm about the movie, and i get very bad comm for that. Kinda worry i wasted my money for craps movie. Hey hey hey...i did not wasted any movie at last. The movie was not bad, belongs to horror movie, but its story line were not bad. Just a bit out of common sense since ppl being shot in the water, the blood will flow out more faster than usual, but last the gal manage to swim back and alive. WTH? In this movie, mummy daddy can really sacrifice for their kid. NO MATTER WHAT!

camwhoring in the toilet with xinyi

the dolly her, i wish i have a frindge too....

after movie, pass by PAPA BEARD.
look what i bought?
yum yum choc creampuff with choc powder

look at my face, it can tell u how happy and how many utility i get from that puff!

teh cold choc cream with the crispy layer. EMHMM~

on the way to another yum yum place

see, how doll is that gal


order ourself the greentea bubble tea and pudding bread dessert
info: thsi place is located at pudu plaze nearby name "阳光海岸", mostly tsun jin student will prefer to lepak here bacause of the enviroment and affortable price

lets check out the dessert
ready to getting myself one bite

see, the bread is combine with the pudding!
so special...
rm1.80 only

miss Xinyi "卢肉饭" in taiwanese style
so many pork! walauehhhh~
heading home~after kepoh-ing chat

opps, almost forgot about the shocking part!

before we left The Garden, (we park at level 7 zoneU), we face some strange thing!
when we went to the level we park, we cant saw our car at the place she park! @#$%^&* we were so damn piss off that time, wondering who so geng chao stealling car in here?
thats owesome man! so i like asking did she park here just now and why isit gone? where is the car now? we both in question mark status.
there were one chinese man there in the car saw us like in trouble so he ask what happen and another malay guy also. i said "car might be stolen"
then the malay guy ask "apa kereta?" i said "waja"
the best part is, he said "i like jumpa tadi ada waja baru drive keluar la"
WTH? i stunned there.
we both dont bother them, we went down again and search...
GDI, there is another parking site name zone U too.
we find our car ofcourse.
dont ever believe to stranger




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