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You Guard My Heart

Sometimes when we want something really bad, we lose sight of what it really is. Therefore we end up like now. Normally, you the one who used to tolerate with me first and tell me what's wrong later but hell ya not this time.

I'm upset, i claimed that you've changed.
Because when i broke into tears, you still stood still in your position. This time, i knew you wanted to change me that badly.

I struggle, keep fighting and forget about our promise. Till then i realised, things never be that complicated if i nod my head.

We always hurt those we care most because we expect them to love and forgive us, no matter what. We take things for granted. Relationship are delicate. Both people have to be on the same page. Both people have to be at their same point in their lives, wanting the same things.

We wanted the same things, i never give out but taking. The moment i realised, hope it wasn't too late. Yes I'm not too late, because your hands is still on my shoulder. I can feel the warmth from you. =)

You are the only one I ever wanted to be with.
You are my perfect other half, you make me the happiest I've ever been.
I want to take care of each other forever.


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