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Skin79 BB Cream Review From Jamie Chin

Haven't tried any product of Skin 79 yet do not believe how wonderful it will transform your skin?

You may check for my review.

Or still you don't even trust my own review just because I'm the seller? Ahah~its ok i do have that feel sometime when i bought something online. Most of my customer was giving me great feedback after using it, but then they don't own a blog, if i copy paste the comment looks kinda fishy too right?

Was scrolling my Twitter timeline today and saw Jamie's update. Her blog is updated with Skin 79 BB Cream reviews. Oh lala finally one of my customer do blog about it. Guess if you cant trust what I've said, perhaps hers? What i first know about her was, she was a model that been highly recruit by magazine cosmetic review/ makeover and make up roadshow. Guess she had tried much more foundation than i do for sure because i don't get it for free like her.

So do check out her review too =)

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