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The New Apple Devil--- iPhone 4

The Apple Devil is here again! I know I'm late =( but that's some reason for it. Honestly i dint bother to had a look at the video or check out how it looks like. Even at the day it launch everyone is tweeting it, this is not the worse part because they were just spamming by timeline titsie bitsie. The worst dearest baby boy.

He just wont stop mumbling, nagging like a grandma or grandma grandma's. Kua cheong dao!
That stupid boy nag from the day it launch until the third day. When we are having breakfast, lunch and dinner together...which is the time he talk most about this. My ear is suffering and i started to ignore him until he use his 3Gs to show me this. I'm amaze!!!

Why? Obviously this is the perfect phone compare to all. To me, without that screen 3Gs would be sux than my nokia honestly. There is no multitask ,folder, video call, only 2.0 mega pixel.
But now what I'm asking is all in this tiny little phone adding with 5 mega pixel and HD screen. How can i still refuse to talk about it?

Look at the video and you'll be same as me. Have fun!!! XD


Anonymous said...

it will be obsolete next year with i5

tiffany tan said...

yea yea. thats how they make big money. and we are the victim who willing to being rip off. LOL



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