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We Are In 8 ♥

Again, expired post. We were actually turning to 9mthsary soon =)
 As i said we are only together for almost 9mths but people are asking us very serious question about our relationship. And those question is not common in our age. Such like "when getting married", some even told me that i park my car at the right "place".

I smile and the auntie kept talking non stop, i smile again. Then she ask are you Cantonese? I nod my head (im a Hokkien), she replied "why you dint speak any of it?" I smile again. I got no idea what to reply then she said that she saw how ah boy (my bf) grow up, he's not that naughty. My heart is smiling evilly, I'm thinking if she found out what my boy did in the past and now she can faint. He club, he drink like nobody business and he used to smoke.

That day i went to bu's shop for the whole day, helping and accompany him to work. We spend our 3 meal together. FOL, 3 meals of noodle! Saw loads of customer asking "when getting married" and then a auntie spend her 1 hr time here telling us story. Phew~auntie tell us about her son ex gf case. Used to tied his son too much, somehow i don't agree with what she said but bu does! The son's gf ask him to quit smoking and the son did but in 6mths time he received 3 warning letter. He just couldn't work in that condition. Next, the girl was a christian, so she forced him to go church with her every Sunday early morning (the guy also a christian) but the guy work from Mon to Sat, Sun is his only off day. He couldn't suit it and then they broke up peacefully.

Girls, don't you just agree that the girl did nothing wrong. Maybe that Church was a problem but it was her religion. She did nothing over but just...their lifestyle somehow doesn't match?

Then she ask me not to tied my bf too much or else he'll run! I smile awkwardly. Then the bf's mum appeared said my bf is still a small boy, ah boy boy lei geh. Must need fully control. =) wink*
I'm surprise that auntie changed, im glad. We used to have some issue before that, we never talk for a period and now I'm glad that is getting better now.

Opps~forget to congrats my baby that he finally quit smoking after few mths of nagging. He used to lied to me that he dint smoke but he's a heavy smoker, even he's not smoking for 5 hrs, from his breath i can smell it came from his lung. Ewwww!

But I'm glad that even those day he haven't quit smoking, he never ever smoke in front of me or behind me during our outing. Bubi, ILY.

Nothing fancy for the month but we went Sakae for meal. Sluuuuurp~can say that it was our top 3 Jap Restaurant.

Look how's he addicted with the touch screen. iPhone stereotype!

What's nice in here!
IDK whats this but there's beef wrapping needle mushroom. I must said that their beef is so juicy and thick!

Some of his and mine favourite.

He's in love with this.
My 2 cents, if you can't eat spicy (very very) food, never eat this. Those chili flakes is crazy shit.

Twitter Time~
I'm a bit regret to help him create Twitter account. His damn addicted nowadays.

Kononnya poser =X

While waiting for our movie, we went for a walk and guess what we found!!!
Warna-warni punya balloon! Saw that huge one? Guess what? You'll be surprise!


Big Balloon is hanging the kids up. OMG~
Why the kids not scared geh? I'm bit surprise =0

I want my heart. Its hard to get experience like that you know. Flying in the middle of the mall. Must be fun!

My childhood favourite!
Yes, I'm abit boyish at my past time due to my neighbour kids are mostly little boy boy. Don't you feel that we'll never bored with the show even though they repeat the same story line again and again? First some weird scene happen, then after a period they turn from a natural living stuff to a monster. Then the human change to ULTRAMAN and fight. Most FHL is every time surely fight until the lights gone red but still will win at the last. OMG! Its sho lame but we are so in loved with it.

Squeeze the clown nose!


hEnRy said...

expired post still a post
So fast turn into 9mthsary already

tiffany tan said...

XD follow up still got supa loads expire one.

Yea...time pass so fast. Scary!!!



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