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Chilis with the Gossip Girls

Every day after class is the most happiest moment for all of us because its stress released time and gossip time! We are bunch of bimbo but with brain.

Went to Empire again since Kar Mun never went there before. It was the new gffood place. There are loads of restaurant waiting you to explore!

for lunch =D

At the bar

We are all anti social. Everyone having a BB/ iPhone in hand. Tweet is a must once we settle.

3Iphone VS 2 BB

We are already starving before we reach here. Luckily it dint took long for the food to arrived.

Triple Play also known at 3P. LOL Rm 25.95

A combo of our three favourite starters. Generous portion of our Chicken Crisper's mouth watering Wings Over Buffalo and Southwestern Egg rolls with sauce of dipping.

The Chicken Crisper is causing a boom in my mouth. Tender and juicy!

Cajun Chicken Sandwich Rm25.95

A traditional club sandwich with a kick, stacked high with smoked chicken, topped with Beef Bacon, cheddar, Swiss and japelano jack cheese, lettuce and tomato.

For people who love fries with real fillings, crunchy bacon and cheesie cheese you should really try this.

Look how thick is this! Besides big mouth, its kinda hard for all of use to bite it without separate it.

Grilled Salmon rice if not mistaken. Freshness you can taste!

After long hour of starving, Kar Mun is so happy when she gets to eat!

After sapu-ed all our food, the girls say something is missing and the tummy still have some space. So he we are! Dessert time!!!

Molten Chocolate Cake Rm 19.95

Warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. Topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell.
Again they dint recommend the wrong food. The remix of cold and warm, sweet and bitter. Um hmmmm~

It may look tiny but it can be share for 5pax and just nice.

The ice cream wont melt unless you break the chocolate layer on top.

Ta daa~we eat like heartbroken girl who just broke up. Cant stop nomming food!!!

During the meal and after, we were exchanging "news" and updating each other. Bitching about other really had so much fun. FYI, we only bitch the fact. Woots!

Meet the gossipie girls =)

Renesha and Kar Mun. The sisterhood.

Emily, Tiff, Ella




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