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Feb 2, is my mui mui birthday! Finally she's turning to 11 now. Time pass so fast. 10 years ago she were still standing to poo poo and wait for people to clean the floor for her but now...I know its a bit disgusting to describe in that way but you just couldn't understand we are actually damn nervous when she suddenly stood still in front us while we were watching TV at the night. After she find her spot to poo, she will just stand there and all of us saw her change her face expression to grumpy look. There we know! Everyone is in hurry to bring the red pottie to her or if she done poo poo (so unlucky) we will just bring cloth.

If one day she grow up and start to blog, i wonder how she feel if she read this? LOL

She like Japanese cuisine, so dad promise her to bring her to her favourite Jap Restaurant- IZAKAYA ICHIBAN located at Plaza Damas. (same row with Starbucks)

There had room (dining) and also bar for sake-ing session too.

My beloved butterfly ring. Just like my sis, turning from a caterpillar to butterfly with beautiful wings. I hope its tough enough to face all the difficulties. My sis, ain't that strong for now. She could get hurt by just a tiny word and break into tears easily. Pffft~

Birthday girl with the brightest smile.

Still in blur mode.


Baked Oyster with Spicy Sauce and Mushroom. Thumbs up!

Look at these cheesieeeee fats! So tempting. Mushroom is hiding below.

Superb fresh Sashimi is served with ice and bamboo leaf.

Soft Shell Crab. OMG OMG~crunch with a sound inside your mouth.

Sashimi Plate. White tuna, red tuna, salmon, butter fish, etc.

No afraid of stinky smell. ITS FRESH!!!

It pop pop pop inside my mouth. XD

Wagyu Beef. Ok~this cow has a better life than me before this but end up its in my stomach now. Muahahah~

Saba Fish Set

Seafood Fried Rice

Stuck in many "ingredients" like a snow ball.

Tempura Prawn Sushi

Don't know why it looks like a horse for me.

Fried Spicy Spring Roll

Everyone is busy eating. Nom nom nom...

Sister is busy talking....chit chit chat chat

Playing her hair and buzzing around with mum.

Sis beloved aunt. She's the one that pump up my sis to this L size.

Daddy with mui.

Aunt with mui.

Mum with mui.

10 years later, who know she will look like me? Just like a "biscuit"

The birthday girl wish.

And the birthday girl sister wishes her in this way BACK!

Fruity Tutti as dessert. Sighx~they should served this at the very beginning. Research said that fruit should be eaten 1 hour before meal.

But sis still enjoying eating the free SARAWAK Pineapple

I hope every M'sia (especially KL) lift have comic sticking on it. You know...waiting lift is boring!

Aunt and sis likey dad's new car. Actually we all did. Tall and wide for fat butt us. Suppose to get my new car at Feb too but so sad economy crisis those 2009 car haven't sold all out yet and dad prefer to get 2010 car. Its more valuable and worthy i guess. if it still continue...thank god and i wont see my car even its March.

10 years ago my sis already are a camwhore. That time mum bought me a Polaroid but its those clumsy type. For that time, it consider very IN geh lor. After i curi curi feed my sis choc ice cream she smile to me, like thank me for letting her try the best dessert in the world. I quickly grab tat big thing out and say CHEESE to her. She laugh and with big actions shaking on the lullaby bed. Sooooo cute!

How i wish she never grow up and face the ugly world. I'm afraid that she might get hurt. My sis was younger than me 10 years so of course dad, mum and aunt will be giving fully tolerate with her except she really did something unforgivable. So she's those princess type attitude, will get hurt easily with tiny words and broke into tears.
She's steeping one side leg to teenager soon. Wondering if she can handle her period well? Will she get cheated by bastard when she's in love? Can she did her UPSR great?
Btw~im wondering about myself...what i did on my first period? How i handle? Oh gosh~poor memory!




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