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3R Fashion Show

People start increase their awareness of being user friendly is important nowadays. I think most of the reason is because 2012 is reaching real soon?

Taylor ADP organize a event which help to increase people awareness of saving the environment. This time is FASHION SHOW. Using all the "lapsap" garbage to design the outfit.

Wondering, who dare enough to wore it out if LV is giving out free? If you did, how fragile you could be by wearing newspaper outfit? A tear could bring you naked!

Host of the day.

Western VS Eastern
Which i meant above, the "fragile" thing! Anyway, i personally like this loads. Other designer are making damn easy design but just cut cut stick stick, but this they made the details very well. I mean they really put effort on it.

Inspired by magazine and garbage plastic bag.
Left: Magazine jumpsuit
Right: Plastic bag and magazine cocktail dress

Flower Fairy.
All made by plastic bag, another favourite of mine. Details is well made by using plastic twisting it to flower. And its high waist, me like!

Time for designer explain their design and materials.

Again inspired by big plastic bag.

Magazine bare back top.

This guy is the only contestant which designing 3 outfit. However he dint won at last.

Guess who's the winner?





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