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This were what I'm on before CNY holiday. My theater class 3rd assignment. I've been mad at myself for long time because until the day the rehearsal were still messed up. The lighting, dance, dialog all screw. Surprisingly the real play we amaze them and get feedback positively. Mad happy! That i could actually...create a story! How i wish every semester got theater class.

Hope my story line doesn't make you guys get bored.

The story start with a girl (me) watching a spoilt tv (table). First the news came first, then suddenly the channel change to Madagascar. (its to show animal characteristic in human as lecture need) Then suddenly the channel switched again to 2012...TSUNAMI!!! Follow up by earth quake and twister. Suddenly the twister drag me in the tv while i was too gan cheong to save the guy inside the tv.

There i go...inside the tv and came out as....JuOn using The Ring with One Missed Call ringtone.

You guys may not felt funny as what the audience did because it the scene you will feel it and see it clearly.

Objective that need to full fill

  • human moving object
  • object moving human
  • gigantic object by human
  • imagination
  • things are not what we seen
  • included what, how, why
  • less dialog but dramatic enough that audience could understand

Enjoy! And pardon my lousy video cause i shrink it.


Anonymous said...

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