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Baby, Its Valentine!

Silly him! Few days back before Valentine he bought me a pressie and i was so busy body cant wait to know. Kept asking and even threaten him to tell me.
He dint. But just telling me he think it suit me alots and wondering i might like it or not.
GDI~i don't even know what is it but imagine. No, is i cant even imagine!

How's the feel that kept fooling me around make me squeezing my brain Mr Sun?

Finally i knew it! It is perfume! He kept tell me that the smell suit me when he first smell it. I thought we buy perfume is because we like that smell or we hope he/she in that smell? Sometimes, i dont really understand him well.

Ok~tell you honestly! I don't like it!!! (don't mad Bu) Hahah~it was the first thought but longer period it stays on my body the taste will change to another smell which i really love it!

But one thing!
The ribbon is sooooooo sweet!

And a little thing i found out in these day after he presant me those very "close to me" gift. When i used the getting money out from the purse, when the perfume still last when i sweat alot, there is a...a...a...

Okay! IDK how to name it...but i gotta feeling that makes me lovely...i think XP

Compare Gucci from Gucci, Flora was lighter, suitable for younger consumer. Flora smells very of-the-moment: it’s light, clean, fresh and pretty.

The notes for Flora are listed as citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus, pink pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, but they don’t matter too much: this is a sheer, almost-sparkling floral, very pale and clean, in which nothing stands out other than the peony, and even that only for a short while.

It smells like it’s been through a rigorous series of focus groups designed to ensure that it would not ruffle feathers on anybody anywhere: there’s nothing sharp in the citrus-y opening, it’s floral but not too floral (don’t let the rose and osmanthus scare you, they’re mostly MIA), it’s vaguely peach-y but not too fruity, it’s sweet-ish but not too sweet.

The “sandalwood” and “patchouli” in the base need not worry anybody who doesn’t like sandalwood or patchouli: the base is a fairly bland woody musk.

The consumer who loves Flora might well have a hedonistic, daring side, but she apparently prefers to not to express it through her fragrance.

Went to eat pan mee as brunch. I think Serdang is famous with its pan mee, you can almost found it EVERYWHERE.

Later we head to Time Square and found this!

Another sweetest gift. Sub-line from Bubu. I was kinda upset my Hotlink get barred because i did not reload more than 3 months. When i realised it already pass 1 hour. Sobs~the pathetic thing is 70 bucks kena forfeited also! Heartache lo!!! I use real money to reload eh!

So Bu try to get me my old number back but they don't allow. Never mind, i get better number number.

It ends with 012-xxxx 321 Heheh~great right?

I never get such kinda gift from someone except my parents.
Something special, speechless and sweet.

Thanks...for everything you gave out from your heart. Heart you.

Freaking MAXIS damn inefficient. The process took 3 hours! We missed the movie and tea time just because serving some lady who bought 2 IPhone. Hello! We came first eh!

Pink is in the air!

Non Halal restaurant at Pavilion.

Pork (sie yok) inside the menu. Mana ni? Scroll further.

Restaurant WEISSBRAU

German food. With loads of sausage as main course.

Sausage platter which can serve 4-6 pax or perhaps ONE sausage super fans.

I wanna try this so badly but its sold out. Im dying to try this at my next visit since it look so yummay and FAMOUS there.

Long, short, pepper, named it, they got it. (might) hehehe~

Bubu's Pork Knuckle serve with garden vegetables and mashed potatoes
(Tony's mashed potatoes are better!)
Trust me if you're in diet, don't touch it! The fats probably thicker than your skin.

Super pork fans! Not forgetting and also beef.

My Nurnberger Sausage serve with Spaetzli (yellow in colour and its a kind of noodle)

Blend with herbs and spices and its the most famous sausage in Germany. However, for me it was so so. Maybe you will like it more than i do.

Sometime, i wont let him get this kinda satisfactory as IT did. Scroll down and you'll know why.

Caption: "Arghhhhh~just what i need...Carlsberg."
WTF~not me?

My blinkie pink finger JUST FOR YOU.

I seldom paint my finger ti purposely Eff someone, you should be glad. LOL
No lar, its i seldom paint my nails because i was lazy to remove it. i love to collect loads of colour but i don't use it often. FML.
Hmnnn~if only "someone" could learn it (paint and remove) and do for me.

DESSERT always my most XXXXXL happy moment.
Choco Mousse
Before i order, i was asking his opinion whether we should...or able to eat down the tiny dessert.
So his answer was "You eat your own." Fine then, I WILL.
Mana tau, itu orang banyak sakit. Say don't want but when the dessert came, he raise his spoon and dig on my dessert. AGAIN AND AGAIN!

It taste like.........H.Dazz ice cream seriously. Must try peeps!
The top greenie thing was a pear.
The white milkie stuff? It was my favourite CREAM.

Suddenly...i had a question. Thinking if every girl will forgot all those monthsary, aniversary, Valentine, X'mas...Do you think guys will be mad happy? Wahahahah.....


hEnRy said...

sweet valentines...
that gucci really nice smell...but it came out the other one with golden cover. smells last longer..^^



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