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Harrrr Chiuz~

Again I'm caught! Sensitive nose...arghhh~nothing could be worse than this. I rather get fever, cough or whatever. Wait~if i can choose la. But nobody hope that she's sick right? Its suffering, except those people who wish for sympathy or lazy attending school.

My face is like half sauna-ing under this mask!

My dad side all family members all got nose problem, mum said its heredity. Dad just got his nose surgery no long ago. His was much more serious than mine, his nose was stuck and cant even breath. After check up doctor found out that his nose were caught with something (germs and bacteria i guess) and if it continue, soon he will lost his sense of smelling. I don't wanna be like that too!!!

Besides my uncle and aunt all same. They had surgery because of the nose. Awww~painful ones. Dad nose stop bleeding after surgery for 2 days.

My heart shape SHINES~however, it bite me! But still me likey =X

When i had nose sensitive, if its normal i will just non stop harr chuiz, if its medium i will just kept coughing, if its serious (pls don't) i will sneeze, soar throat, cough, sweat and break into tears. Pathetic huh? I guess its because all if this is related internally.

I once check up at Gleneagle and they found that my nose geh blood vessel is abit...broken? That's why my nose will bleed easily and sneeze easily. Then i seek for treatment at there but end up, my nose get hurt by the so call pro doctor there. They put some L or V shape equipment (with camera use for placing in to see better) in my nose and twist around it. FML. When it put upward i was still calm, then he twist downwards (to the place that we cant dig) then my tears just drop without control. ITS SO FUCKING PAIN! Last my nose outer part was hurt and bleed. Since the second treatment, i never went there again. I rather sneeze like hell.

* These few days i went to college with this look. I'm so outstanding in the not very H1N1 period. Whoever who's not closed with me will stare at me, friend they will get shocked and ask "Are you ok?" LOL. Their face expression looks like...worried imma bring H1N1. XD




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