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Tok Qiang~Tok Qiang~TOK TOK QIANG~

Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang~~~~~
Meet this little cutie, guess what's her name? Its BUI in da house.
Opps~is Janice BF's name too. Hahah~
Well, this dog not mine don't blame me. But my cousin brother giving her this name is because she was FAT. In Hokkien FAT=BUI. (Is there where your Bf name came?) She was a poodle but i know you don't feel so, so do I.

My CNY like majority. All relative stay in a rooftop from lunch till dinner. Seriously, IM BORED! I slept most of the time while they were snatching the remote control or fighting for the PS3 but nobody rob my room. Tee-Hee-Hee

Until this dog came, at life is fill with less bored. BUI! You save me! Why? At least i can bring him out for a walk and someone accompany me, i can run with it, i can play and train it. That's already a "activities" to me in CNY. LOL

Now you can see how "BUI" is she.

Next activities. Snapping picture around the pool. =D

Peik Ai and sis

Peik Ai is here for CNY. Hoorah! She used to based in S'pore. She is elder than me but smaller size and look younger than me. Aiks

V for Success!


Desmond Woon said...

ur life is so colourful....

tiffany tan said...

OMG~that you called colourful? Wondering how's ur's like...hmnnn~



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