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Every 年初二,for sure its time daddy send us back from Ahma (daddy=hokkien) place to popo (mummy=hakka) place. Chinese named it 回娘家. Before back to seremban we surely visit Melacca to pray at 青云亭 located at Jonker Street.

Different is, this year geh weather changed to freaking hot.

Sunny Hat is a must for gals.

Look at sis big size top. Haha~our new plan. Since she's growing fat and fatter. Opps~perhaps i should say bigger size. We plan to share our cloth! Imagine she's 11 and im going to be 21. You must be thinking im joking? No no no~IM NOT. Nowadays children department selling kiddies cloth are no longer kiddo style. If you still do not get what i mean, you really should walk into the children department. Example like SEED, they are having Fur Coat and Maxi Dress like us too.

Along the Jonker Street...effing jam! Searching parking round and round. Lucky there was some "scenery" to look at.

Glad that the old building still remain. They still look pretty though.

People at M'sia wont buy this, but foreigner. I wonder why they cheerish out culture more than we do?

Red lantern is the must for CNY. (just in case you're not M'sian or Chinese) lol

Jonker Street no longer "OLD"

After praying, we went to eat the famous chicken rice in ball shape.

Did not took any picture of the temple because

1) I was almost fainted with those smoke
2) I broke into tears with red eyes (smoke punya pasal)
3) I was busy praying for family and the beloved one. World peace, everyone safe, blah...

Ta Daaaaa~it stated! If you are ABC, it means "Old City CHicken Rice Ball"
(scroll down if you're wondering how it looks like)

Well this shop is no longer young as you thought even they renovate inner part. Look at the faded picture and people who been here is not just us but celebrities, politic people...etc

Ang Ang means HUAT ah~

Steam and Roasted Chicken.

Dumpling with soup.

Main character of the day!!! Chicken rice balls~

We are not in hurry but sis is TOO HUNGARRAY...

If i know rm8.50 x 4 paying for this. I WONT ASK DAD TO BUY. Thought Malacca should be cheaper. Never mind, same price with KL for pearl herbal jelly. But the problem is normally what i ate is contain pearl powder which is OBVIOUS either floating or drowning above or under the container. This...i have no idea where is it!

Finally reached SEREMBAN!

She just cant live without DELL LAPPIE and of course...FACEBOOK!


seven said...

this place i tried too that day , i didnt like it . i like the one on the corner , it taste so much better , people have to line up in the sun to eat there .



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