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Sadie Hawkins Valentine Party

All the single ladies...all the single ladies...(memory recalling from CHIPMUNK 2)
What's your plan for this very crashing CNY x Valentine? I bet most of you either celebrate earlier or postpone right? (for those who need to balik kampung)

Family VS Girlfriend...guys, what's ya choice? LOL
I know this question is like "If your mother and gf fell into the water at the same time, who you gonna save first?"

Just like this CNY crossover Valentine similar like those what we saw at Hong Kong Cafe menu "Ginger juice [knock] milk" ---姜汁撞奶

Since everyone is so bored but excited. Last minute, me and bunch of friend decided to attend this so called "Valentine Party" held at PBX. We were late for an hour due to the traffic jam and a little bit of dragging time.

This reminds me of Poison Ivy inside Batman Movie. Those plants...surrounding you....creepy! Only for today, its sweet and lovely.

Once we got in, we terus saw this most "incredible" scene. Eating the long bread till it disappear! Too bad they were couple, if not? MORE SYOK LAH!

Gaming time. I dint participate because it is effin cold inside PBX plus...i wore dress. Its not really fun if i cant "fully" enjoy playing while need to cover here, looking there. Btw, not really all of them are couple. THAT'S THE POINT! Chances may be build by this!

My gf Alex and her bf Hassan.
Couple of the day ♥

Antonio and mie~
We've been categorized as the small eye group when playing pool as team. DAMN!

Me and Alex again~

Two guys playing burst the balloon with their ass in few seconds.

The only game i would wish to participate. MAKE UP FOR THE GUYS. Too bad Antonio doesn't want it. Sighx~

Round of applause for this two man.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...ITS MAMBO TIME.

This guy who were singing name ALAN. The most shocking thing is...i did not know that he could sing! I thought he were good at acting...prove that you cant judge a book by its cover.

Escape from the freezer =D

Big plan on the phone...

The "sweetest" moment for all the couple and soon gonna be couple.
Boom chak chak...boom chak boom chak...

Ken and mie.

Best buddie.

A small cup of drink?

A big cup of drink?

With ken...again...

And again...
Its been a long time since the last full make up. Must camwhore loads to make the doll up process worthy!

Valentine pressie i gotcha! Thx to Antonio...its because of his "face" i only got this.

Love is in the air~~~~~~~~~~~

Plan to chao after the party end but Alex is still on the mood. So we decided to POOOOOOL.
Blue: Blue Lagoon
Red: Shirley Temple
Yellow: Screw Driver

I like Alex drink seriously...its so sweet! But Hassan said it was like some sugar syrup instead of alcohol drink.

My SCREWDRIVER is made up by Vodka and Orange juice. Mua Favourite!

This few days weather is so DAMN HOT. I bet all agree with me. Everyone is tweeting about it. Lol! Even inside the air cond place, we could be sweating too.

Snoop Dog a.k.a Prasham and mie.
He just cut his big hair and turn it to M size. Funniest part is, before the party we had presentation for Comm class and lecturer found that he was a bit different compare to those day...but she just couldn't say what's the different. ITS THE HAIR...MISS~
FYI, the hair cut cost 200 bucks! OMG~

While Antonio is in some serious business...

Sapu the drink! I'm so dead, my heart / lung was freezing and burning at the same time. I guess its not a great idea if we drink without eating any food before it. I get dizzy easily compare to before. But its great that i had a sweetest dream ever since i started class.

I'll vote this as picture of the day!

Anyway, Happy Valentine to all of you here!
No matter is single of couple. The night is for you too~
Single doesn't mean you cant celebrate V-day too, perhaps it will be more fun if you're single!
Boom your Valentine with CNY fire works!




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