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Superman and Supergirl Celebrate Xmas TOO!

Hohoho~I'm so efficient this time. This post were delayed for 8 days ONLY. I'm having nightmare again. This time sucks to the max, its so horrible and i can't even wake myself up. Why i kept having nightmare in this week!!!

I just realized i forgot to wore my lens out that day! I would realized if I'm short sighted.

Bu bought me this earlier from the new opening DC Heroes shop at Pavilion, a few days before Xmas and insist me to wore it on Xmas. Hahah couple tee worr~
I checked the price and i swear I'll never buy that. A normal tee with Gold printed "S". Not worth! I rather buy lacey floral dress =p But the material is super comfy! Its thin but its has the cushion feel. This is what Bu said to me when i complain about the price and i agreed.

Can't to nag because he bought it without informing me. Its bad to scold your boy for giving you surprise right?

Call me The Superbitchgirl =p

Oh! That's My S for Slave Superman!

Bu brought me to Vogue to have our Xmas dinner.

He can't live without rice =X SERIOUSLY! And this is not the only amount he eat, that's more.

Tom Yum that looks delicious but its so freaking salty!

Mini Lobster.

I received emails saying its contain poisons. Is it true?

He's eyeing on the cheese baked oysters over --------) HERE!
To make sure no one grab all before he does.

See! He really like it loads!

Create any type of salad over here.

Dead goat (lamb) and turkey.

Smoked Salmon

Chocolaty cake with gingy

Smoked Duck Breast

Oyster Shots

Sashimi with cream.

Dessert time. STAR of Xmas dinner.

Creme Brulee with berries.

They put berries on most of the dessert

Gingy with one eye.
It almost broke my teeth. Super hard! Make sure you have a strong teeth before you give a bite.

My masterpiece for Bu.
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate rice. Yum~sho good!

Chinese Desserts are fruits. Not those cakes and cookies.

Santa's Chocolate Statue. Can i eat it?
I bet I'm gonna feel so good by biting its head off and melt in my mouth =X

Me anti fruit cake.

Look alike mashed potatoes cake

Prefer the ori one without chocolate

 Rainbow Marshmallow

Creme Brulee again in bigger plate

Xmas candies =D

After dinner me and Bu went for a movie. Gulliver's Travel!!! Such a great movie for Xmas.
Note: Only for Xmas

Hahahha the movie isn't that bad but me and Bu were looking for more details. The movie was to simplified. Some of the scene doesn't make sense at all, once the problem is solve, there's no explanation. Especially the robot scene.But since its Xmas, a date like tonight is more than enough. We share our meal, we laugh together, and loving each other more. I like how we talked about the movie after we watched it. There's one of the way we boost our relationship.

Due to lacking of sleep in the past few days...

Superman caught fever!

Ewwww...24 mei with extra medicine powder. Look at his "beh tahan" face...sho CUTE!

Yesterday night we attended our big bro Joshua's wedding dinner. Juicy aka Patrick (one of his Zhu Peng Gou You) saw our Xmas picture in my cam and surprised that my boy did bring me for Xmas dinner. My boy said "of course la, if not i wont be able to sleep that night" So sarcastic yet so sweet. At least i know that he had realized the invisible responsibility and MUST DO. =)




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